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Chat FB La-Ar No Restart

Big char convertion to Arabic in Facebook chat

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21 users

IRCenter Mobi No Restart

IRCenter Mobi

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8 users

法規亦毒氣 No Restart


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17 users


Support firefox copy features.
Copy title with url. Copy only text factor. Equip virtual copy. Auto copy by selecting

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18 users


Expands the context menu's allowing you to look it up selecting text from logman web and jump .

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19 users

e-biblioteka No Restart

Liepājas Universitātes e-bibliotēkas paplašinājums.

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21 users

Inline Google Search No Restart

Google selected text in same tab without going to new tab and search there.
Google's own extension will let you search in new tab, but this extension will search on google in a popup in same page

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384 users

Notebook-fox No Restart

Put hir your notification, just click in icon of notebook on the menu bare of firefox.

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20 users

HYENA Classification

Classifies the names in the selected text using HYENA framework

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4 users

Backbone-Eye No Restart

Firebug Extension to debug Backbone applications

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977 users


Bypasses the filter in Iran.

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314 users

CupoNotifier: Your world of Savings!!

CupoNotifier: Your world of savings!

CupoNotifier, es tu nueva extensión para ayudarte a ahorrar. Nosotros encontramos los mejores descuentos para ti.

¡En CupoNation nos encantan los descuentos y con CupoNotifier podrás ahorrar mucho dinero!

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1 user

ReviewIt! No Restart

Capture image of the item, you're interested in. Request reviews from other consumers.

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9 users

tgputils No Restart

A addon with utilities for thumbnail gallery posts pages.

You can hide thumbnails that link to a given host, and open all images of a gallery in new tabs.

Still in development.

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8 users

Google Mobilizer Folha de São Paulo

Abre automaticamente as páginas da Folha de São Paulo no Google Mobilizer.

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2 users


Muir plugin for Firefox notifies the Muir desktop app to synchronize responsive browser testing on mobile devices.

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26 users

QRCode Scanner(offline) No Restart

Read the information contained in a QR Code.

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156 users


This extension let you view a web page as an image, so as to save memory.

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33 users

Today in the Roman Catholic Liturgy

This extension shows you an animated version of the Roman Catholic liturgical cycle in which you can learn the liturgical times, their length and corresponding Gregorian dates.

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54 users

AnSzuA Reminder

AnSzuA Reminder, it's a Polish extension which cooperates with Open-source Ticket Request System working in voestalpine TENS Sp. z o.o. company (

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4 users