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Promicheck by Vebidoo

Der Vebidoo Promicheck ist ein Plugin, mit dessen Hilfe man Fotos von Gesichtern mit Fotos von Prominenten und VIPs vergleichen kann. Überdies können Namen von Personen per Markierung direkt an die Personensuchmaschine vebidoo weitergeleitet werden.

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13 users Games addon

Дополнение позволяет играть во флеш-игры на мини версии сайта
With this application you can play online flash games on mini version of site

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淘宝绩效查看器 for firefox。

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Glossary style plugin which will be useful to create and maintain a glossary of terms.

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4 users for Mozilla Firefox

Download and Convert videos directly from Youtube. Instant Online Video Converter

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97 users

Daisy Bell

This extension erases the local memory of your browser character by character.
It should not be either useful or harmful.
When you are tired of erasing the internet with your browser, just disable or remove it.

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1 user

YNET is not press

the goal is to warn users of Ynet that its content might be not straight and contain disinformation.

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dealnews Sidebar

Find deals and store coupons while you shop on your favorite sites.

Never miss a bargain again. This browser add-on will automatically find coupons for the sites that you visit most frequently, without interrupting your shopping experience.

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167 users

MyCoupons Add-on

Get Online Coupon Codes for your favorite sites, and it also shows you discounted Gift Card Codes! No other toolbar does this for all of your favorite online merchants! Stays hidden until savings are available, no annoying popups.

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173 users


Quick and easy ScreenCapping

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Stop Internet Censorship!

Plugin which blocks all domains who are lobbying for pushing SOPA through legislation.

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44 users

Torrent it easy

Add a torrent search link to each item in the Pogdesign TV calendar.

When looking at the PogDesign TV calendar ( It adds a link next to each show that opens a new tab with a torrent search on KickAssTorrents (

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58 users

Did you know... ?

Did you know... what history says about the current day? Here you'll get informations about important events, birthdays and deaths of people which had the greatest impact on our life. Plus a bonus...

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Easy-Price lets you compare prices of products and services that interest you ... You have nothing to do: Easy-Price will automatically add the price, products or services you want on the page.

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161 users

TinEye Commercial API Search

Adds TinEye Commercial API search context menu item for images.

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471 users - Gutscheinalarm

Informiert direkt über die Infoleiste, wenn für Ihren aktuell aufgerufenen Online-Shop gültige Gutscheine und Rabatte bei vorliegen

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93 users

OVS Extensions

S'ouvrir de nouvelles options sur OVS, c'est possible avec ce module :
- enlever sa situation amoureuse
- définir son âge à plus de 69 ans
Et d'autres à venir

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6 users

Imgflip Quick Submission

Simply right click on any image while browsing, then click Submit Image.

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plpage No Restart

Add the current url in your account.

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26 users

Mindomo Bookmarks

Capture links, images, text snippets to Mindomo and organize them in a mind map.

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372 users