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Cisco Support Community Toolbar Requires Restart

This is a toolbar for Firefox (Windows and Mac) that will allow you to search for content on Cisco Support Community as well as on

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297 users

Zhong Wen Jie Shi Requires Restart

Provide a sidebar which shows explanation of chinese characters (courtesy of nciku) for characters which you select.

Am trying to brush up my chinese hence coded a simple add-on to help myself, thought I'll it too ^_^

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18 users

NameWorldwide Requires Restart

Interprets, corrects and suggests names and gives gender information. All in one handy toolbar.

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WebSitePulse Test Tools Requires Restart

Instantly test your website availability or server response time, ping response, MX, NS records and much more.

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supprimé Requires Restart


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Rapidshare Helper

Auto download Rapidshare files

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140 users


Examine the safety of urls and shortened links you are going to visit!

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LargeThai Requires Restart

Increases the Thai font size on web pages so it's more easily readable.

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28 users

Redirect Check Client Requires Restart

An extension for retrieving and displaying the HTTP status code right beside the link on a page.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (1)
448 users

TMDA Address Generator Requires Restart

Generate tagged e-mail addresses for use with TMDA.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (1)
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roboxt! Requires Restart

The Firefox Add-On roboxt! helps determing if robots.txt is configured correctly. It reports which pages a web crawler may crawl and marks links that a web crawler may not visit.

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449 users

MTG Finder

Displays a popup with the cards found by several Magic The Gathering websites matching the selected words in the current tab

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phpMyAdminTools Requires Restart

phpMyAdminTools - Advanced phpMyAdmin Tools

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (1)
128 users

WebSitePulse Site Recorder Requires Restart

The WebSitePulse Site Recorder is an extension which provides an easy way to record, play, edit and save browser transactions.

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Fetion in Firefox Requires Restart

send SMS to your friends in Firefox through Fetion. 在Firefox中直接给好友或自己发短信.

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Health Page App Requires Restart

You can take measurement of their weight, blood glucose, blood temperature or other health indexes.You can manage and share your data with your friends. You save your health records everyday easily, and you can then understand your health conditions.

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Subasa Tamil to Sinhala Transliteration Requires Restart

Tamil To Sinhalese Transliteration provide by Subasa Language Service

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92 users


Addon for links unshorting

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Bitcoin - mining statistics

It shows detailed statistics of miners from API.
Currently supported API:

You can define the refresh time statistics.

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19 users

Sawiris blocker Requires Restart

block all sites that Sawiris is a contributer

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