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Checker Link-Dead link check-Download link check Requires Restart is a website tools to help you find out the link want to download still A Live or Dead

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Ebay Button Test Extension Requires Restart

Open Ebay

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19 users

Privacy Plus (compatible) Requires Restart

Privacy Plus protects you from a Flash based tracking cookies.

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728 users

Starry Sky Theme Wallpaper Tab

Enjoy beautiful star images on every new tab

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Tumblr Unrecommend Compatible with Firefox 57+

Remove "recommended" posts from your Tumblr dashboard.

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32 users

Bot me up, baby! Compatible with Firefox 57+

Automated CotLI crusading for all your idle/idol needs! (Windows only)

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Youtube Speed Ctrl, Autoplay, Spacebar Compatible with Firefox 57+


Disables YouTube Autoplay. Spacebar pauses the video.
Control video speeds:
[ = slower
] = faster
\ = default

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34 users

9GAG Profile Picture Compatible with Firefox 57+

9gagPP allows 9gagers to see the large version of an user's profile picture by passing the mouse over it in the comment section.

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17 users

Axon - Wordnik, Wiktionary & Wikipedia add-on Compatible with Firefox 57+

Find definitions in all Wordnik dictionaries, Wikipedia articles and Wiktionary entries in every available language.

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+bookmarks Compatible with Firefox 57+

Bookmarks via email, to a +folder of your choice.

Send the current tab, as an email, to an email address of your choosing.
Ideal for use with an email like ``.

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44 users

YouTube Subscriptions Filter Compatible with Firefox 57+

A simple, instant search filter for your YouTube subscriptions page.

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20 users

Ebay Fusion Compatible with Firefox 57+

(Same origin issue. Disabled until fix). View details in Ebay listing, mark favorites, hide. Auto save search history.
NOTE: please use the latest version, v1.94.1

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13 users

Игровой клуб «Вулкан»

Ваш 1 клик до отличной коллекции игровых автоматов.
Плагин автоматически определяет доступное зеркало.

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Онлайн радио от BYFFOX Requires Restart

В нашем каталоге собраны самые популярные и хитовые FM и интернет радиостанции разных жанров: поп, рок, шансон, диско, ретро, джаз, Dance, электронная музыка, юмор,информационные и развлекательные радиостанции.

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Secret Server Firefox Utils Requires Restart

Adds small features to make secret server easier to use.

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5,246 users

Adwords Blocker Compatible with Firefox 57+

Block Google Adwords when you are on Google

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Save to Nugget Compatible with Firefox 57+

Nugget Extension for Chrome - The best way to highlight and save any text you see on the Internet

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107 users

Podcast Player Prime

An easy-to-use and lite podcast player.

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391 users

Save Windows Compatible with Firefox 57+

Save all tabs in a window to check it later

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44 users