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Credit card Spoof

This addon lets you generate credit card numbers of most common credit card vendors .If you've ever found yourself trying to try a product online which required a credit card, even when you just want to take a look, you know why we made this.

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140 users

Winvision CRM Tools

Development tools for Microsoft CRM 2016.

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59 users

antiyouku Requires Restart

anti-youku ads

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25 users

Analog Clock Compatible with Firefox 57+

A simple analog clock on toolbar

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JCI SERVICOS : Importador de OS

Importação de Ordem de Serviço (O.S.) do Activia para Sistema Interno .

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Complete Theme Helper Requires Restart

Simple add-on helper for Complete Themes that restores functionality no longer present.
"Firefox 2, the theme, reloaded" currently supported.

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An add-on for research purpose. We manage user's Facebook Privacy setting by one click. We categorized the settings into three categories: Basic, Medium, and Advanced.

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WebCensor - Profanity Filter

Blocks the swear words, bad, strong, foul language, swearing, cursing, etc. Make browsing safer and Internet cleaner!

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118 users

Toggle HTML5 Video

Toggle to disable/enable HTML5 video.

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Password Engine

use the password engine identity safe password generator to create highly secure passwords that are difficult to crack or guess

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request logging

log all request and write memory in a text file

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AnchorMe Compatible with Firefox 57+

WebExtension written to set a reading mark in the pages you choose. Never forget where your reading finished last time.
A kind review have been written by Laxman Singh right here: review

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24 users


Color tool converting and providing information about any color.

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RadioGNU Scrobbler

RadioGNU Scrobbler for

Step 1: Enter to and input your credential and save it with the Login Manager of Firefox.

Step 2: Enter to and enjoy it.

GNU FM use a music recommender system called "Audioscrobbler".

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6 users



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LaunchBox Games DB Search Compatible with Firefox 57+

Highlight text. Click the button. Search the LaunchBox Games Database

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Literal - PDF Reader Compatible with Firefox 57+

Literal replaces Firefox's default PDF reader with a cloud connected and unobtrusive user interface. Keep track of your reading activity, history, and progress automatically, integrate with cloud storage, and upgrade your e-reading experience.

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YouTune Requires Restart

Quickly download and convert YouTube videos to mp3 audio files.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (1)
1 user Root Certificate Importer

Adds the root CA to the Firefox trusted root certificate store

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Automatic login to all your favorite web apps. Learn more at

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