Top-Rated Extensions


RS Links

Copies to Clipboard or downloads all RapidShare links from the current page with one mouse click.

Strikes out broken RapidShare links and shows number of valid and broken RapidShare links in the Firefox statusbar.

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32 users

Zone-X.Ru Toolbar

Toolbar for Zone-X.Ru book store.

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1 user


AdFrame – is a tool for Advertising people that contains different links to professional resources, news and events feeds from Ad industry, and also convenient Ad search panel.

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244 users


Team Portal Desktop Client helper app

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5 users


Googled information collection.
Helps you access/save/delete search engines or bookmarks inside webpage area.
Mousedrag or doubleclick on webpage will activate this extension.
Mouseout or rightclick on this extension will deactivate it.

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1 user

Cat Attack Quick Button

Easily visit the site for The Cat Attack Fishing Tournament.

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59 users

WDP Tool

A tool for usability inspections, based on the WDP technique (
Unzip this file ( at Mozilla Firefox installation folder (usually C:/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox) for full functionality.

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3 users

Make Bookmark

Copy details of a link (name, URL, selected text) to make a bookmark string.

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80 users

seekR search

Add an item of seekR (Search engine for R statistical computing environment) in right-click menu.

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87 users

Firefox Pedophile Reporter

This extension allows users to report websites that are suspected of being a pedophile or predator website.

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49 users


Closes bookmarks sidebar when Firefox loads.

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16 users


Unideo keyboard in sidebar (Unideo was invented by Eric Cattelain)

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2 users

The Moscow Times Toolbar

Install the new The Moscow Times Firefox Toolbar to get our current issue's stories as well as the latest updates as we post them — from our editorial staff right onto your browser.

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67 users

CDR Móvil Radio

Escucha todas las emisoras FM y online de Central de Radios.

..:: AYUDA: para instalar en el toolbar seguir estos pasos ::..

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427 users

OpenLink HTML5 WebDB-to-XMLA Bridge

Bridges the HTML5 Web SQL Database API to tabular XMLA (XML for Analysis) data sources.

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695 users

The facility to upload pictures faster than ever!

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22 users

Dot.LC - Quick Link Generator

With "Dot.LC - Quick Link Generator" you can reduce the URLs too long in one click.

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1 user

DPC bar

This addon allows a user of to display his scores in the status bar. The scores are automatically updated with a customizable delay or manually updated by clicking on the DPC status.

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98 users


Permette di navigare agevolmente nel Forum di DdlFantasy

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3 users Url shortener.

Use the 4U2C.IT service to easily create a shortened URL for the website you are on, and make a comment about the site! Share the short URL with your comment through Facebook, Twitter or email.

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1 user