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MetaPlode's Toolbar Requires Restart

Toolbar for metaplode.com. Features include; Search, PM checker, Comment and many more!

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MetaProducts Integration Requires Restart

Integrate MetaProducts software with Mozilla browsers. Download links and Web sites using Mass Downloader and Offline Explorer. Save Web pages as you see them for future reference with MetaProducts Inquiry.

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MetaTags Requires Restart

This sidebar displays page meta-information (metatags, links, etc.) Has automated search engine submission menu. Features include: Watches currently loaded Web page and automatically updates the sidebar. Displays metatags, links, language, base...

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Metatextbook of Medicine Gucker Requires Restart

Your marked text is the search term funneled into MTB-Med, a collection of 70k free available medical review articles.

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Metavirus Requires Restart

Te envia a la página inicial de MOZILLA

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Metawishlist Toolbar Requires Restart

A custom Firefox toolbar for use with MetaWishlist.com...

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Meteo Debrideurs

Une application pour Firefox pour débrider des liens mixturevidéo et purevid.

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Methuselah Requires Restart

Displays archived versions of web pages.

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Addon to make taking screenshots with metjm.net easier. You can simply click on a csgo inspect link and get a popup which lets you chose between ingame inspect and screenshot.

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Metric Conversion

Convert among metrics like zetta, exa, peta, tera, giga, meta, kilo, hecto, deca, centi, milli, micro, nano, pico, femto & more

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Metric Cooking Compatible with Firefox 57+

Annotates US cooking units with their metric equivalent (e.g. 1 3/4 cups sugar [350 g])

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Metric Length Converter

Metric Length and Distance Converter to convert among, meter, kilometer, millimeter, centimeter, nanometer and more

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Metrifies a Homepage replacing all imperial units with metric ones (currently only Fahrenheit) by clicking on the M-Icon in the bottom toolbar. Strings can be added to the Fahrenheit regex with a rightclick.

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metrika-info Requires Restart

плагин предназначен для проверки в браузере работы кода счетчика яндекс.метрики

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Metro State U Denver with Personas Interactive

Metro State fans, get Rowdy with the official theme!

Awesome Metro State style
Breaking news from Metro State sports
Social connections with Facebook & Twitter

Get it now!

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MetroBuddy Requires Restart

Companion add-on for Metro Firefox theme.

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Metroid Ultimate Sidebar Requires Restart

Calculate your point change in mph or find out your rank and get on the front page of mphtools.com! Just add the toolbar icon to a toolbar or open the bar using...

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Mettl DE Tests : Enable Screen Sharing

This firefox extension enables screen sharing support on https://tests.mettl.de pages to enable a better test taking experience.

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Mevoked Toolbar Requires Restart

Mevoked is a platform where users can react, share and discover content in an expressive and intuitive environment.

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