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RemoveLocale is extension for removing diacritics from address. We support new project Golem Python Framework ( http://golem.github.com/Golem/ ) - a tool for teaching of programming.

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Removes Close Button

Usuwa przycisk zamykania paska dodatków.

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88 users

removes the space mini

Pomniejsza niepotrzebną wolną przestrzeń na górnym pasku okna

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82 users


Remove tabs on the left/right side of selected one.

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9,601 users

Rename Tab Title No Restart

Renames the Tab Title (Persistent only for the session)

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265 users


Shorten your urls by using rename!me (http://rnm.me) service. Quick and easy with using our Firefox extention via context menu and copy direct to your clipboard.

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Rendement locatif No Restart

Calcul automatique du rendement locatif brut immobilier sur les annonces des sites seloger, leboncoin et pap.

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Renkoo Toolbar

The Renkoo Toolbar suggests places to have lunch in your
neighborhood! It also helps you plan to get together with friends using Renkoo, and access your Renkoo account.

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Renner Push Store No Restart

Push Store é um plugin exclusivo das Lojas Renner que adiciona um novo botão na barra de navegação do Firefox. A cada novidade que chegar na nossa loja virtual, você será avisado por uma notificação.

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Renren Ad Remover

Remove ads on renren.com

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Renren Photo Zoom

Renren Photo Zoom!

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135 users

Rental Application No Restart

Create/save/print Rental Applications Other Languages, Backing Up All Those Rental Applications You Entered

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8 users

Repi partilha de ecrã No Restart

Obter permissão para partilha de ecrã no Repi

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Replace Bookmark No Restart

Quickly replace an existing bookmark

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1,258 users

Replace Quotation Marks

Replace quotation marks from " ", ' ' to „ ” , ‚’ in text areas.

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replace Tabs Extension (reloaded)

makes the Browser.tabs.loadFolderAndReplace Preference work again

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18 users

Replace Translator No Restart

Rewrite the selection in translation. Replace or Insert can translate into foreign languages using. More than 36 different languages to be used immediately with no configuration.

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563 users

Replace URI

replace URI

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ReplaceForbiddenPage - Iran

Replace the default page shown to Iranian web users for visiting forbidden sites, with your own preferred page.

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20 users

Replacetabs Extension

Make 'Open in Tabs' replace existing tabs, like it was in Firefox 2.

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103 users