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Leave notes for websites in a sidebar.

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Notebook-fox No Restart

Put hir your notification, just click in icon of notebook on the menu bare of firefox.

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Notefish makes internet research simple. Notefish is the easiest way to save, organize and share snippets of internet web pages that you find. You can customize the resulting notes by moving them around, changing their colors, organizing them into...

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NoteIt lets you create useful and private notes on webpages which will be there once you return to the webpage. It comes with a simple toolbar button that helps you create a note with just a simple click.

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28 users

Notepad (QuickFox)

Everyday note-taking solution.

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19,688 users

Notes pour Pronotes No Restart

Notes permet de calculer la moyenne automatiquement sur Pronotes.

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Allows you to take notes from browser.

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NoteTake helps you manage information you find when you search and browse the web.

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Notethat No Restart

is not bad

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notice noindex

notify the noindex of the page

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Noticias Automotivas

Extensao do blog Noticias Automotivas para Firefox, que facilita o acesso a todas as noticias sobre carros direto no seu navegador.

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Notificaciones Subcultura

Notificaciones para la página de Subcultura.es

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Notificador Blog TuAndroid No Restart

Alerta los usuarios sobre las novedades en el Blog TuAndorid. El blog de Android número 1 en Cuba.

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Notification Sound No Restart

Makes a sound when a notification is shown. Can play system default sounds or a custom sound file and lets you customize for which origins to show notifications.

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Notifications, Messages, & Alerts for Facebook

Button changes state to Notify you about:☎ Facebook Notification✉ New Facebook Message Alert☛ Facebook Friend RequestAlso Includes a 1 click Facebook Like Button.Available as standalone browser buttons or as part of the MediaPimp toolbar.

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Notifier (Telekom und T-Systems) für De-Mail Pilot

De-Mail Pilot Notifier (Telekom und T-Systems) überprüft Ihre De-Mail Konten und benachrichtigt Sie automatisch über neue De-Mails.

Unterstützt werden die De-Mail (Pilot) Provider Deutsche Telekom und T-Systems.

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Notifier for GitHub No Restart

Displays your GitHub notifications unread count.

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397 users

Notifier for Outlook™ No Restart

The easiest way to check and open your Outlook inbox while you browse internet.

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527 users

Notifier for Twitter™ No Restart

Notifier for Twitter™ is a fully-fledged Twitter client for your browser

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861 users


Be notified when selected pages change.

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