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Nudge Kick for Firefox (Beta) No Restart

Nudge Kick works with FitBit and blocks URLs until you meet a fitness goal for the day.

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Nugget No Restart

Nuggets shows you the links shared by your friends on the websites you're browsing

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Nuja No Restart

Soyez au courant quand Nuja commence à streamer!

Permet d'avoir une icône qui se colorise lorsque celui-ci passe en Live

Développée par Ulas Atila - Pour toute réclamation de fonctionnalité, vous pouvez le contacter sur son twitter @ulas_atila.

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Nuke Anything Enhanced

Allows you to hide almost anything via context menu 'Remove Object'.

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Unterstütze den Filmemacher und Autor Daniel P. Schenk durch 5% deines Online-Shoppings - und Amazon zahlt.

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Provides AN EXPERIMENTAL window.navigator.bridge.getCipherObject window property. This addon attempts to 'bridge' the DOM with crypto. All crypto primitives are used in the browser chrome, but developers can initiate these operations from the DOM.

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number generator

random numbers generator for lottery.6/49,5+1.

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Number Madness

Mozilla version of the C game. Arrange the numbers in correct order from left to right, top to...

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Number Tabs No Restart

Press F1 to number the Tabs beginning from the active tab.

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NumberedTabs No Restart

Displays the tab's number to allow quick tab switching via Ctrl + [1-8] or Cmd + [1-8]

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Numbers hyperlinks and form elements to provide easy keyboard navigation.

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Numeral System Converter

Numeral System Converter provides an easy way to convert between different numeral systems.

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Numéros des SAV pour les opérateurs mobile No Restart

Cette extension est destinée aux professionnels afin d'obtenir en un seul clic les numéros des services client des principaux opérateurs de téléphonie mobile en France.

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NumExt - Numbered Tabs

(NumExt is NO LONGER MAINTAINED since April 2010)

NumExt numbers your tabs with no limitation on how many tabs you can open.

For more info in the Description... or visit

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Numpad Typing Drills

Learn touch typing of the numpad keys.

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nURL Suffix

Change the prefixes and suffixes which are used to complete a URL.

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Nutsygoodies, ensemble de bonus fournis par Nuttingham ;)

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nuttyio-copypaste No Restart

nutty.io extension to assist copy/paste from terminal to clipboard

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nVampeta No Restart

Replaces all images on all pages to Vampeta

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NvS VisuTool

This plugin enhances the interface of the php webgame "Nord vs Sud" (http://www.nordvssud.com)...

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