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Leet Lens

Addon for viewing english text in l33t f0rm

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LeetChill Compatible with Firefox 57+

Hides LeetCode difficulty levels and acceptance rate. More information and source code at my GitHub ( https://aknobloch.github.io/LeetChill ).

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LEF View Requires Restart

Allows you to view local LEF files - LEF is a standard format used in the EDA industry

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This Firefox add-on arranges tabs on the left side - in a vertical rather than horizontal fashion.

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BookMarkStar on the left side

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (1)
16 users


Moves the bookmark star to the left of the urlbar.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (13)
142 users

Legacy link context menu

An add-on to swap places between Open Link in New Window and Open Link in New Tab. No more new windows by mistake!

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Legacy Test Pilot (Outdated)

The legacy Test Pilot program has been replaced, and this add-on is no longer useful. If you're interested in testing new features in Firefox please join the new program at https://testpilot.firefox.com

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (65)
19,848 users

Legal360 Requires Restart

Search over 6 laks Indian judgements.

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Legaler Screen Sharing

Legaler Screen-sharing extension for Mozilla browser.

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Removes all fixed elements to reduce distraction while reading.

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Dodatek umożliwia integrację z Legislatorem.

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LEGO Batman Tribute New Tab

Our tribute to the new movie, LEGO Batman! See images from the movie on every new tab!

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Lehen hitza euskaraz Compatible with Firefox 57+

Webgune bat bisitatzean zure nabigatzaileak euskarazko bertsioa lehenetsiko dizu. Modifies the browser's Accept-Language header to request content in the Basque language, if available.

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Lembrador Méliuz

O Lembrador Méliuz avisa quando você acessa uma loja parceira e, com um clique, você garante descontos e dinheiro de volta nas compras!

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1,620 users

Lendable for Amazon Kindle

Clearly display if an Amazon Kindle book is lendable or not.

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Lenddo Session Manager

Helps automatically clear existing sessions to prevent accidental mis-identification. This should only be used by Lenddo partners for shared terminals / kiosks.

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11 users

Length Conversion

Convert from meters to feet, centimeters to inches, inches to feets. Range of common length conversions are available

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42 users

Lens New Tab Compatible with Firefox 57+

Lens replaces your new tab page with gorgeous HD images from Unsplash.

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15 users