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Annotez, partagez et diffusez votre opinion sur les réseaux sociaux !

L’extension L’Opinion vous permet de partager n’importe quel passage d’un article sur Facebook, Twitter ou par mail.

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L-Square Responsive Design Inspector Requires Restart

Browser pixel rulers to help inspect window widths of adaptive designs. The add-on button acts as a toggle that adds rulers similar to a graphics app to measure the current window resolution.

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L10n Workflow Compatible with Firefox 57+

Uma maneira mais rápida de acessar os sites utilizados para localizar/traduzir os produtos e projetos da Mozilla para o Português do Brasil.

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Extension Firefox pour activer le glossaire français (traduction.drupalfr.org) sur le serveur des traductions de Drupal (localize.drupal.org)

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L2.cl Estado de servicios Requires Restart

Muestra el estado del Login y Servidor 1 publicados en www.l2.cl, se actualiza cada 5 minutos.

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L2N Secure Requires Restart

A Secure Authorization extension

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L2P StatusBar Requires Restart

This extension checks periodical the "Lineage II Paradise" Website for the server status of the authentication and the three game servers (Eureka, Aurora and Genesis). The status and number of connected users is then shown in the status...

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La Banotte homepage Compatible with Firefox 57+

This extension sets your search engine to La Banotte and customizes your new tab page so you can use it with every search. By using it you can helps planting la bonotte potatoes just by searching the web. Give it a try!

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La Buloteca Compatible with Firefox 57+

Recopila los bulos compartidos por las cuentas más conocidas de Twitter y te avisa en tu timeline cuando un tuit contiene un bulo.

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La Pastille Aidodys Compatible with Firefox 57+

Découvrez la Pastille Aidodys ! Adaptez vos pages web en 3 clics en fonction de vos difficultés de lecture !
Profitez d'une lecture plus rapide, plus compréhensible et moins fatigante !

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La Salle U Theme with Personas Interactive

The official theme for Explorer fans. You'll get:

A great looking La Salle theme
Breaking news from all Athletics programs
Social connection with Facebook & Twitter

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La Vie Publique Requires Restart

Soyez au courant quand "La Vie Publique" est en Live !

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Lab Ray Logger by Jellyneo

Use Jellyneo's Lab Ray Logger to automatically keep a record of all your daily Neopets Lab Ray zaps.

Copyright 2000-2013 NeoPets, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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Laban dictionary

Laban dictionary: Find definitions easily as a pop-up!

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LaBanotte homepage Compatible with Firefox 57+

Set your search engine to La Banotte and customizes your new tab page so you can use it with every search.

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labelcity Requires Restart

This is the official labelcity extension for Firefox. This add-on helps in browsing through thousands and thousands of Labels & Printers. A Dymo label maker is a product that makes our task a lot easier and saves a considerable amount of time.

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Labmeeting Requires Restart

Collect journal article PDFs faster using Labmeeting.com.

Use this Add-on in combination with the Labmeeting.com site to easily collect and organize journal articles in the biomedical sciences and related spaces.

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Laboratory (Content Security Policy / CSP Toolkit) Compatible with Firefox 57+

Because good website security shouldn't only be available to mad scientists!

Laboratory is an experimental Firefox extension that helps you generate a Content Security Policy (CSP) header for your website.

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LabStatsGo Browser App Tracking Addon for Firefox

A lightweight script to gather smart statistical data. Used in concert with the LabStatsGo client.

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labur.eus Compatible with Firefox 57+

Official addon for shortening URLs using the service labur.eus

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