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project Eli No Restart

This addon modifies AAF sites for user's convenience.

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ProjectGames Letzte Forenposts

Mit dieser Erweiterung kann man bequem die letzten Forenposts des Forums von Projectgames überblicken um dann direkt ins Forum zu springen.

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Starts Prolific from your toolbar

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Promicheck by Vebidoo

Der Vebidoo Promicheck ist ein Plugin, mit dessen Hilfe man Fotos von Gesichtern mit Fotos von Prominenten und VIPs vergleichen kann. Überdies können Namen von Personen per Markierung direkt an die Personensuchmaschine vebidoo weitergeleitet werden.

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Pronounce an english word using services on www.merriam-webster.com

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Propelink No Restart

Générez vos liens sur Propelink

Le Premier outil qui va « vraiment » Boostez votre visibilité !!!

Multipliez le nombre de visites qualifiées.
Boostez votre notoriété
Accélérez les conversions spontanées

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Propeller Friends' Activity Sidebar

The Friends' Activity Sidebar (FAS) extension helps you keep tabs on what stories your Propeller.com friends are submitting, commenting, and voting on.

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Propeller News

Displays the latest news stories from Propeller.com in a top-level News menu and sidebar.

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Propeller Sitemail Notifier

The Propeller Sitemail Notifier extension adds a button (shown above in the preview image) to your toolbar that indicates when you have new sitemail messages at Propeller.com.

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Propeller Tracker

Follow the latest news, votes, and comments on the news at Propeller.com with this auto-updating sidebar.

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Proper Menubar

Add back the black menubar below the URL box.

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This extension ensures that URL's are correctly displayed in the location bar (also known as the address bar)
e.g. www.ProperLocationBar.org/Test%26Validate becomes www.ProperLocationBar.org/Test&Validate, displaying the "&"-symbol correctly.

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Property Management Dashboard

Property Management DashBoard - Control center for property owners, property managers and real estate professionals

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Property Management Toolbar by TReXGlobal.com

Property Management Software Toolbar for Firefox by TRexGlobal.com with access to many property management services such as: Property Management Software, Directory of Property Management Companies, Pay Rent Online, Lease Agreements and other forms.

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Aktualna lista aktywnych hostów w grze ProPilkki2

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Prostetnic highlighter No Restart

A multi-color highlighter for marking text on web pages. Uses SQLite to keep a record of your highlights on your system, AND NOWHERE ELSE. Created because Yooper doesn't support Firefox 4.0+

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Prosto Translator

1) Translated Item
2) Translate in the Box
3) Translate Selection
4) Player Text with Flash

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Use Prot-On directly from Firefox. You will be able to protect text with just on click and share it with complete confidence. You can also access in the same way text and photos protected by others for you. Learn more at http://www.prot-on.com

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Protection against hackers and threats: This addon is different from your antivirus and firewall, and automatically protects you against various threats that may represent some websites while browsing on the internet ...

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Prothom-alo.com news widget

Read Prothom-alo.com latest news without opening the new tab. it is more faster to read prothom-alo.com news.

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