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ParseURL Requires Restart

Parses the URL and displays a dialog with parsed couples, allowing the user to change variables or path and open the newly compiled url in current/new tab.

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41 users

Parsi Web 24

mr. arman brenjkar

Rated 1 out of 5 stars (1)
1 user

Parsiblog Extension

More abilities for Parsiblog.com and Parsiyar.ir, by Spica262.
قابلیت های بیشتر برای کاربران سایت های پارسی بلاگ و پارسی یار

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Parsijoo Requires Restart

افزونه پارسی جو راهی برای استفاده از امکانات موتور جستجوی پارسی جو در مرورگر
Parsijoo Search Engine Extension For Firefox

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (22)
882 users

Parsijoo Search

Parsijoo Search Add-on is a tool to access Parsijoo Search Engine in a faster way.

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9 users


Add screensharing capabilities to your Parsys Télémédecine videoconferencing experience.

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3 users

Partage d'écran klood.io

Partage d'écran pour les vidéoconférences du service klood.io

Not yet rated
26 users

Partage d'écran SoConference

Partagez ce que vous voyez sur votre écran avec les autres participants de votre conférence téléphonique.

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15 users

Partage de fenêtre dans l'application Dynamio

Extension Firefox permettant le partage de fenêtre dans l'espace de travail de Dynamio.

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5 users

Partage d’écran Fontaine Consultants

Cette extension permet de partager son écran lors d'une visio-conférence organisée par Fontaine Consultants.

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1 user

Partage Ecran Wakiris Requires Restart

Extension de partage d'écran pour Wakiris.com

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1 user

PartFinder cookie handler Compatible with Firefox 57+

Allows to set cookies for autologin to sites

Not yet rated
8 users


Buscar filtros para vehiculos

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1 user

Partstat Search Requires Restart

Allows an electronic component part number highlighted on any webpage to be searched in http://www.partstat.com

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2 users

Pasa password generator

Adds a toolbar button to generate secure passwords. Users are encouraged to save generated passwords in Firefox and back them up with Firefox Sync.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (1)
47 users

Pasar Kode Fast Toolbar Requires Restart

Pasar Kode Fast Toolbar easier for you to access all the source code available in the market code

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4 users

pass-browser Compatible with Firefox 57+

Make secrets easily accessible from your pass' ~/.password-store

Not yet rated
94 users

pass-manager Requires Restart

Replace integrated password managers storage with zx2c4's pass (www.passwordstore.org)

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21 users


Lets you decide if you want to autocomplete or not

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9 users

PASS2Polyratings Requires Restart

For Cal Poly SLO students to link from PASS to Poly Ratings.

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1 user