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Button to toggle the Firefox proxy mode between 'off' and a user defined value.

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ProxyToolbar Requires Restart

ProxyToolbar is no longer under active development. We recommend you to use our proxy list addon instead - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/proxylist

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Prozenthaus24 Toolbar

Toolbar zur Cashback Erinnerung für prozenthaus24.de

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PROТанки Стрим Анонсер

-Информирование о прямых трансляциях (стримах) на Ютуб (youtube.com) и Твич (twitch.tv) канале PROТанки;
-Информирование о выходе новых видео на Ютуб канале PROТанки;
-Быстрый переход на сайт protanki.tv
и многое другое!

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Przekierowywanie HAN

Plugin pozwala na dostęp do publikacji naukowych online przez serwery HAN Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego lub Politechniki Warszawskiej. Warunkiem działania jest posiadanie aktywnego konta w bibliotekach uczelni.

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Przepisy.pl - menu dnia

Przepisy.pl - menu dnia codziennie prosto w Twojej przeglądarce!

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Przetłumacz z ling.pl Requires Restart

Znajdź tłumaczenie zaznaczonego słowa na ling.pl

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PSG Live

PSG Live: news et diffusion streaming et resultats en live direct Cet addon Mozilla fournit l'actualité du PSG en LIVE: news, infos presse et infos streaming pour les diffusion TV des matches du PSG. Qu'il s'agisse de Ligue 1 & de Ligue des Champions

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EQ Alert Addon for Firefox. A sized down version of the PSO2 extension for chrome which provides alerts for ship 02 and only ship 02. For signup install and login translations, please use the chrome extension.

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PSud Office Opener Requires Restart

Opens MS Office documents

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PswGen Toolbar v2.0 Requires Restart

Password Generator with "follow-me" functionality.

Super-strong secure passwords, unique to each site or service. Made easy. No need to remember them or write them down. Never recorded or transmitted. Why be insecure when this is now so simple?

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Pterodactl Requires Restart

Yet another image saving extension (revived)

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Use real Vim with your vimrc and Vim plugins to edit Firefox text without opening up a seperate window.

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Shows is a site is currently hosted on the Primal Tribe servers

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Soyez au courant quand Ptiwiki commence à streamer!

Permet d'avoir une icône qui se colorise lorsqu'il passe en Live

Développée par Ulas Atila - Pour toute réclamation de fonctionnalité, vous pouvez le contacter sur son twitter @ulas_atila.

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ptl.me Requires Restart

Turn really long URLs into really short URLs

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PTT web plus

PTT web 站功能強化和修正

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PTT 自動分級確認

根據「電腦網路內容分級處理辦法」第六條第三款規定,我已滿 18 歲,請不要浪費我的時間。

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Ptube Unblock Youtube

This extension Unblock Youtube Videos in Pakistan and other countries where Google Drive is working. All you need is to click on any Youtube video on any website and this extension will redirect you to our You Tube Unblocking non-proxy server.

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PubExchange Link Shortener

Create and share shortened links to your partners' articles while you are reading them

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