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Share to quottr - an amazing quote sharing service

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Firefox extension to enable screen capturing

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Quran Requires Restart

قرآن کریم Quran in three languege complete way for life

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Quran Player Requires Restart

Listen To The Holy Quran from Tvquran.com
Just Click Quran on the bottom bar of your FireFox page
فقط قم بالتحميل
أعد تشغيل الفيرفوكس
في أسفل الشاشة فقط قم بالضغط
و أستمتع بأحلى التلاوات

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Quran Toolbar

Read and Search Quran. Insert Quran in input fields....القراءة والبحث في القرآن الكريم. إدراج القرآن مباشرة في حقول الإدخال...

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Quran Verification Program Requires Restart

This programs verifies Quranic text

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quTextMark extension and SciMozFB Plugin Requires Restart

quTextMark-SciMozFB is an Extension/Addon, coupling the higlight facility of TextMarker! 0.3.4 with quoting facility of QuoteURLText 1.0.9b, and a Scintilla (of SciTE) text editor Mozilla plugin (implemented through FireBreath). Currently Linux only.

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QVGAコンバータ Requires Restart


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Qvipe - Social Scam Alert tool

It free & easy to report a Scam.

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Qwant for Firefox

Qwant is the European search engine that does not track you. This extension makes Qwant your default search engine and allows you to easily extend Firefox Tracking Protection to the whole Web.

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Qwara Toolbar Requires Restart

Qwara - Free Online Translator & Dictionary

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QwickUp Requires Restart

Qwickly access your favorite online dictionaries in one place by one or two clicks of mouse.

Simply select some text in any web page and just click on QwickUp.

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Qwisk - share, discover and discuss cool pages Requires Restart

Qwisk is a lightweight and functional addon that lets you share and discuss content with friends and communities as you browse. With a single click or drag and drop, you can share links, comments, and images - all in true real-time!

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Qworum for Firefox® Requires Restart

Provides advanced browser capabilities for modularizing and integrating web applications.

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qyercut Requires Restart


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R-kiosk Requires Restart

Real Kiosk is a Firefox extension that defaults to full screen, disables all menus, toolbars, key commands and right button menus. Alt+Home still takes you home. ...

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r/chess pgn viewer.

Inline PGN viewer for r/chess. Replaces all instances of PGNs inside [pgn][/pgn] tags with an interactive chessboard showing variations, comments, etc.

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This extension loads r/random from Reddit.

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r10 bildirimler

"r10 Bildirim" eklentisi ile yeni özel mesaj geldiğinde popup pencere ile bilgilendirileceksiniz.

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Rabatta.se Requires Restart

Keep track on discount coupons for swedish stores. Automatically informs you when there's coupons available for the current site you're browsing.

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