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QrEverything Requires Restart

This is a amazing QRCode generator extension. It can convert any text(Text/Code/URL/PhoneNo/SMS/Contact Information...) within pags in firefox to QRCode image. It helps to transfer data to your smartphone quickly.

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qrfox001 Requires Restart


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This add-on can convert your currently displayed URL or selected text into a QR code displayed in a popup window from an icon in the toolbar. QRL can also generate a QR code for images via the context menu.

This addon uses the web service goQR.me.

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Displays a QR code of the current site in a popover.

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QRLink Maker Requires Restart

QRCode (2D barcode) generator extension for quick data-to-smartphone transfer! Supports links, images & text selection codes.

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QR code url shorting and share it to your cell phone

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QRSrc Requires Restart

Convert url to a qr code on the fly

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QSearch Addon

Facebook Timeline Search Engine

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QSensei Book Finder Requires Restart

This plug-in turns ISBNs into clickable links to more book details collected on Q-Sensei.

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Qsirch Helper

Qsirch Helper is a tool that helps you to quickly search for files on a QNAP NAS.

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qSnap - Screen Capture, Screenshots, Annotation Requires Restart

Capture multiple Web pages, crop, annotate, add callouts, add notes, cover sensitive information. Save files to our free hosting service. Share a file URL or save locally to your computer. Completely free!

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qTest eXplorer Requires Restart

qTest eXplorer Add On

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qTest Web eXplorer Requires Restart

Web page recording for qTest Session Manager integration

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QuadroSync Helper

Interact with your webapps from your iOs device (Requires Quadro)

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qualios Requires Restart

permet de lancer le programme d'édition des formulaires Qualios

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Quality Inspection Banner

Drive inspection and logging for better Dell.com quality.

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Quản lý công việc - Daily ToDo

Hỗ trợ quản lý công việc cá nhân đơn giản & hiệu quả.

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Quanto Custa 1 Bitcoin Hoje?

Saiba o preço do Bitcoin no Brasil atualizado minuto à minuto direto do seu Firefox!

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Adds basic vim commands to Firefox 48+ (with e10s & WebExtension).

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