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SPTG - Send Page To Guron.biz

This plugin helps you to add items from online taobao shop to your basket at www.guron.biz website without the need to copy and paste the link like it used to be. Its quick, simple and makes the entire process of creating an order a one-click deal.

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SPUG Forums Menu

Drop-down navigation menu for SPUG.sg Forums, Singapore Palm User Group. Provides easy access to all popular areas and services in the...

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SPW Blocker(IF3250-ITB) No Restart

AdBlock for assignment.

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SQL Cardfile

A simple card file database using SQLite as the backend.

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SQL Inject Me

SQL Injection vulnerabilites can cause a lot of damage to a web application. A malicious user can possibly view records, delete records, drop tables or gain access to your server. SQL Inject-Me is Firefox Extension used to test for SQL Injection vuln...

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SQL Injection

SQL Injection is an Upgrade from the old form free, it is a component to transform checkboxes, radio buttons, select elements to a input text and enable disabled elements from all forms in a page.
It makes easier to test and identify SQL injection vu...

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SQLite Manager

Manage any SQLite database on your computer.

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SQLite Optimizer

Optimize *.sqlite database under Firefox profile folder.

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Squared Australis Tabs No Restart

A small and simple extension, which replaces the curved tabs of the Australis design (Firefox v29+) with squared ones, similar to Firefox v28 and prior. Furthermore it gives you some options like "tabs on bottom".

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Official Squidoo extension update for Firefox 3.0

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Squidoo DE

Squidoo Dashboard Extension

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Deceive search engines to protect user privacy. Queries are generated using personalized keywords and clicks are randomly simulated on non-sponsored results.

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squirHELP No Restart

Firefox add-on helping the "Caisse d'epargne" personal accounting

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Src24: Screen Capture

Удобная загрузка изображений на фотохостинг src24.ru

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A Firefox extension to display the URLs of video- and audio-files on the Swiss national radio and television webpage (www.srf.ch).

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SRKiosk: a fullscreen kiosk with all menus, keys etc. disabled

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SS Ancestry Quick Button

A quick button link to the website, ssancestry.comyr.com/.

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shengshi web game boot module

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SSL BlueLight

Nofitication of SSL Monitoring based on known inspection Certificates

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SSL Button

A button that redirects the user to the secure version of a web page using SSL.

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