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Selected Search

Select some text, then select the search engine. Powerd by just two small mouse movements and two clicks, this add-on will take your search experience to a whole new level of laziness.

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Selected Search Plus

All credits go to the original author,
Please read URL above for details.

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Selected text reader

Selected text on the web page reader with some additional features.

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selected-zh No Restart

copy to clipboard when selected

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Selection Links

Fetches all links inside selection for opening or downloading

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Pops up user menu with useful tools (copy, highlight, translation, search, etc.) when text is selected with the mouse

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Cookies can be removed on-demand and automatically based on pre-defined simple rules. Used to clean up cookies from certain sites or clean up all cookies except from certain sites. This can be done both on demand by a simple click or automatically.

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Selectively Hide Google News

Allow to remove specific elements from Google news

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Selenium Dot Formatter

A Dot Formatter for Selenium IDE

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62 users

Selenium Expert (Selenium IDE)

This plugin is my attempt to bring the wonderful world of inspections, tips, hints, fixes and refactoring to Selenese! The Selenium Expert goes through your selenium test cases suggesting improvements, giving tips and even lets you apply them.

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Selenium IDE - SelBench

This is an extension for Selenium IDE that provides a collection of utilities for testing, validating, and benchmarking Selenium IDE scripts. This is especially useful for instrumenting scripts that are used to test Selenium IDE extensions.

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95 users

Selenium IDE : Export TC Status

A plugin for Selenium-IDE to export the status of each executed test cases.

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Selenium IDE Ajaxrunner Script Formater

This is a Selenium IDE extension. I had to rename the previous version.
!!!!!!! this is currently not working !!!!!!!!
I need the plugin for preparation purposes.

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72 users

Selenium IDE Button

Just one simple toolbar button to open Selenium IDE. You need to have installed Selenium IDE: http://seleniumhq.org/projects/ide/

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29,149 users

Selenium IDE WebDriver Selector

WebDriver selector for Selenium IDE

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252 users

Selenium IDE: Codeception Formatters

Codeception PHP code formatters for Selenium IDE

Not yet rated
118 users

Selenium IDE: FitNesse Formatters

FitNesse wiki language formatter for Selenium IDE

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96 users

Selenium IDE: Flow Control

A flow control plugin for Selenium-IDE

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5,257 users

Selenium IDE: Gosub Control

A gosub control plugin for Selenium-IDE
A BASIC-like command is added - gosub, sub, endsub, return

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23 users

Selenium IDE: Implicit Wait

This plugin allows Selenium IDE to automatically wait until all the required elements are present before executing the next command. It replicates the behaviour of the setImplicitWait method present in Selenium 2 WebDriver.

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