Extensions by Name


MVP Activity Tracker Compatible with Firefox 57+

Add activity to your MVP profile.

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6 users

MWAddon Client Requires Restart

Improve Mafia Wars gameplay experience and feel free while it is doing the hard work.

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317 users

MX + GHC Toolbar Requires Restart

MX ToolBar + Google Help Center

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1 user

MxDetect Compatible with Firefox 57+

Detects if the website you are visiting is a Mendix App.

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3 users


MXR is dead, long live DXR.

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6 users

MXR to DXR - WebExtension Compatible with Firefox 57+

Rewrites all MXR source links to DXR ones. Doesn't check repo availability (if the slug for the repo is not on DXR, the link will 404), or work for search queries, but does rewrite 'rev' and 'mark' parameters to syntax that works with DXR.

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26 users


Integrate MXR with vim

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MxToolbox BAR Requires Restart

Very Simple MX Toolbar. Type your domain and hit enter.

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18 users

My Bazaar

MyBazaar Add on for firefox

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22 users

My Bookmarks Requires Restart

Submit to bookmarking.net.in easily with a right mouse click.

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1 user

My Class Room Screen Sharing

This Firefox add on is developed for https://myclassroom.live/. It captures content of your screen.

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My CodeIgniter Requires Restart

敏捷 PHP 框架 CodeIgniter 的 Firefox 扩展。帮助 Web 开发者提高开发效率。

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42 users

My Comedy Tab Compatible with Firefox 57+

You will enjoy A fresh quote on every new empty tab opened.

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4 users

My Computer Hates Me! Requires Restart

Your Computer Hates YOU! Will you laugh or will you cry as you receive your daily dose of abuse, delivered from your very own PC.

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1 user

My Contributions (crash report edition)

This add-on visualizes your contributions of crash report.

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6 users

My CopyFixer Requires Restart

A simple copy fixer, base on Copy Fixer (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/230354/)
Use Ctrl+C when nothing selected to copy page title and url in various format (template base).

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (9)
277 users

My Del.icio.us Requires Restart

Manage your del.icio.us bookmarks from toolbar

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2 users

my drops Requires Restart

MyDrops è il plugin della nuova linfa del mondo sociale

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1 user

My Events in Heap CRM Requires Restart

My Events in Heap CRM is a small add-on to alert you of your upcoming calendar events in Heap CRM. Features include: notifications (with sound & notification window) of your upcoming events, a list of upcoming events accessible from the add-on bar.

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1 user

My Foobar2000 Controls Requires Restart

Controls for the foobar2000 audio player.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (1)
74 users