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Scalar Workbench No Restart

Allows users to pull media from websites and attach them directly to scalar books

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Scale tabs No Restart

Scale tabs help you interact with your tabs in a very simple and intuitive way.

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Scan Url with No Restart

Scansiona link con
Scan link with

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716 users

Scan2Login No Restart

Just scan with your phone, and you'll automatically logged in

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ScanLife Add-on for Firefox

Quickly create, display and save 2D barcodes (EZcode, QR code and Data Matrix) of any pages or links.

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Agora você pode ir além dos likes do Facebook e dizer quando um assunto é realmente surpreendente.

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Schaf Bam Addon

Für den Gewissen Bam Faktor

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Schillr Stereoscopic 3D Viewer

Stereoscopic 3D Viewer - Converter for stereoscopic parallel-view or cross-view images. Converts to parallel-view, cross-view, anaglyph (red/cyan or amber/blue) or wiggle.

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Das ist Das Schluk add-on

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Schnäppchenfuchs Gutschein Add-On

Nie wieder einen Gutschein verpassen! Das kostenlose Schnäppchenfuchs Gutschein Add-On von http://gutschein.schnaeppchenfuchs.com informiert dich automatisch, ob es für den besuchten Shop Gutscheine gibt. Kostenlos und ohne Risiko.

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Schnellzugriff No Restart

Das ist ein add-on mit dem man auf 4 Seiten zugreifen

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Scholar H-Index Calculator

Point your browser to scholar.google.com and make a query: this addon will automatically display many citation indices (h, g, e etc.). Works with author names, journals, topics and keywords of any sort. Also includes an advanced analysis interface.

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8,941 users

Scholar Search Link

Add Google Scholar\'s paper search link to the Google search results page.

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Scholarometer Sidebar

Firefox Extension for Academic Impact Analysis

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A myriad of tools to assist with...

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Schoolsoft Autologin

Tycker du att det är jobbigt att logga in på SchoolSoft gång på gång på gång?
Då är det här tillägget perfekt för dig.

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Schule am Bildschirm No Restart

Damit können Seiten direkt zu schabi.ch hinzugefügt werden und beim Öffnen eines neuen Tabs wird schabi.ch automatisch geladen.

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Sciagaj.org Button

Firefox button to add current page to Sciagaj.org index and able to download multimedia content from that current page.

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Science Stack - Academic select and search

Select a word or phrase, right click to search for related academic works. This addon is essential for bibliographies and research before starting a paper. A great way to access a whole library of information.

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142 users

Scientific Calculator Plus No Restart

Scientific Calculator provides basic and advanced mathematical functions useful for school or college

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