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Scroll Up No Restart

Scroll UP to the top of the page. You will see a small arrow at the right bottom corner of the webpage when you scroll down. Clicking on it will take you straight up to the top of the page.

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147 users

Scroll Up Folder

Goes up a folder of a website.

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507 users


Scroll back and forth between pages in the history. Press middle-mouse-button and scroll to move back and forth, release to stop moving in the history. A simple tool for people without back and forth buttons on their...

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Scrollbar Anywhere

Scroll a page as if a scrollbar is under your mouse.
For Firefox Version 1 - 25

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2,870 users

Scrollbar Search Highlighter

An add-on which highlights search terms in the scrollbar(s).

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2,832 users

Scrolling Gestures No Restart

Navigate your browser history with horizontal scrolling on your trackpad or mouse wheel, while still being able to scroll left and right.

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140 users

Scrolling headers (deprecated) No Restart

Instead of this use https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/scroll-here/

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Scroll pages down and up in VIM style, using j and k shortcuts.

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91 users


Replaces vertical scrollbar with scrollable minimap.

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Move mouse pointer to the left corner of a page and click the button that will pop-up in order to scroll the page to the very top. After scrolling up you may return back to the position you jumped from by clicking the button again.

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340 users


This is a basic FireFox extension which simply scrolls the page down (and optionally up again) automatically at an adjustable rate.

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4,603 users

Scrum for Trello No Restart

Scrum for Trello adds functionality to the awesome trello.com for use in Scrum projects.

Add estimates or record time-spent directly on Trello cards. Shows sums at the top of each list and the top right corner of each board.

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3,609 users


Scryve is a collaborative web resource and browser tool combination that provides a resource for environmentally and socially aware Internet browsing

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5 users

SCs Currency Converter No Restart

Convert US Dollar, British Pound Sterling and Euro prices to a user set currency

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167 users


Store, share and tag your bookmarks. For use with Scuttle, the open-source social bookmark manager.

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SCY Firefox Extension to highlight selections in the HTML document and submit a resource file to the repository of open learning objects (RoOLO). Visit http://www.scy-net.eu/ for more information.

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SD Tools

Sharedir.com tools for working with rapidshare, netload, rapidgator links and links from other popular file sharing sites via right-click or Tools menu.
Extract links / test selected links / convert links to 'direct download' links, and much more.

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Sdílení Pridat.eu

Snadné přidávání záložek a sdílení přes český Pridat.eu (Czech, Slovak). Hodnocení českých a slovenských stránek, zobrazení aktuální hodnoty PageRanku, RSS webu, zkracování URL,... Doplněk je v jazycích čeština (česky), slovenština a angličtina.

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47 users

SDL Clipboard Extension

SDL Clipboard Extension for Copy/Paste in SDL Xopus and SDL LiveContent Create.

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SDownload No Restart

SDownload allows you to download any song from Soundcloud with only the click of a button! Not only that, but SDownload will automatically set the title, author, artwork and other ID3 tags before moving the song directly into your iTunes library!

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51 users