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Kim Kardashian by MaDonna - Interactive Theme

This is a browser theme built especially for fans of Kim K! Designed by one of our theme artists, MaDonna. You will enjoy a great looking theme with links to Kim's sites.

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KiminBu? Requires Restart

Alan Adi Sorgulayici...

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (3)
1 user

Kimmie Requires Restart

A Firefox addon that replaces the "Jong Un" in Kim Jong Un's name to "Kardashian".

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KingBonus.de Addon Requires Restart

No english description because only german users are allowed to register at kingbonus.de.

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KingFile.pl - wgrywaj i udostępniaj pliki swoim znajomym a dzięki rozszerzeniu zrobisz to znacznie szybciej.

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kings2central Requires Restart

The University provides a shuttle bus between the King's Buildings and Central Area for staff and students during term time.

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Kinjamprove Compatible with Firefox 57+

Click the Kinjamprove! button to view any Kinja comments section with threaded/nested replies, collapsible threads, and other improvements. Never click "Show More Comments" again!

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184 users

Kino.to ad hide Requires Restart

Hides the advertising on http://www.kino.to . No more nude girls or annoying popups on your PC screen while browsing streams.

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23 users

Kinopoisk Requires Restart

Расширение позволяет в один клик получить рейтинг фильма на КиноПоиске и сделать прямой переход на его страницу. Достаточно просто выделить название фильма мышкой на любом сайте в Интернете.

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983 users

Kiosk Mode Touch Keyboard Compatible with Firefox 57+

The firefox touch keyboard extension for kiosk mode displays..

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3 users

kiosk-costaisa Requires Restart

RKiosk (Real Kiosk), fullscreen kiosk mode: all menus, keys etc. disabled
Costaisa variant.

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2,932 users

kioskfox Requires Restart

Locks Firefox down so it can be used as a public kiosk. Removal instructions are in the full description.

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2,036 users

KioskTouch Requires Restart


Not yet rated
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KISaD JSON Viewer Compatible with Firefox 57+

Viewer for large json files using cloud9's ace editor.

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196 users

Kisano share screen addon

This firefox addon enables screen share from the kisanogroup.com domains. Based on the screen capture addon from Muaz Khan.

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1 user

Kiss Autoplay Compatible with Firefox 57+

Autoplay KissAnime and KissCartoon episodes anti-adblock free in a beautiful fullscreen player-- no F11 required!

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479 users

KissAnime Adblocker Compatible with Firefox 57+

Automatically removes the ads on KissAnime!

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200 users

Kissapop Compatible with Firefox 57+

Pop a video tab from a kissasian page, bypassing anti-addblocking measure

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KitaDic Requires Restart

A minimalism English-English Dictionary. Move your mouse pointer over a word and hold CTRL key for a second to see its definition. Possibly, KitaDic is the least obtrusive dictionary extension ever made.

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54 users

Kitap.kz Downloader Compatible with Firefox 57+

Extension for downloading EPUB books from Kitap.kz

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12 users