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Lingueet Compatible with Firefox 57+

Download .mp3 files from linguee pages

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Lingvo OnLine! Requires Restart

Translate selected word in Lingvo.ru service. You can choose wich service to use "lingvo.yandex.ru" or "lingvo.ru" or even "local installed Lingo dictionary"...

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Link Alert Requires Restart

Displays an icon in the tooltip or next to the cursor indicating the target of a link.

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5,888 users

Link Builder Tool Requires Restart

The main purpose of this extension, to make it easier the link building, but it won't do without you.

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Link Checker Requires Restart

A file host link checker. Supports over 50 hosts! Example rapidshare.com, hotfile.com, filefactory.com, etc Uses immortalxx.com checking algorithm and resources to verify link integrity. 56k supportive as your connection to check links is not used!

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Link Checker Requires Restart

Link Checker / Link Finder helps you finding your links on other websites. Especially useful for SEO guys. You just need to tell your website name to this addon and it'll highlight your links on all other websites. NoFollow links are marked Red.

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Link Cleaner Compatible with Firefox 57+

Clean URLs that are about to be visited:
- removes utm_* parameters
- on item pages of aliexpress and amazon, removes tracking parameters
- skip redirect pages of facebook, steam and reddit

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1,861 users

Link Collect0r

This addon will be putting together a snippet like "np: [Title of the Youtube-Video in your open tab] -> [URL of the Youtube-Video you are watching]", when you click on the button in your Addon-Bar or when you press "CTRL-Shift-Alt-C".

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Link Copier Requires Restart

Collecteur de liens et d'adresses mails

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Link Counter Compatible with Firefox 57+

A simple extension that counts the number of links on the current page.

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Link cuter (Сокращатель ссылок) Requires Restart

Сокращение ссылок на посещаемые страницы с помощью сервиса коротких ссылок lcut.us (Link cuter).

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Link Detector Compatible with Firefox 57+

Link Detector checks for legal citations to EU legislation and case law and establishes links to EuroCases online database

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Link Evaluator Requires Restart

Link Evaluator works as an enhanced Link Checker. When started, it attempts to download the Web page behind each link and searches for 2 customizable sets of phrases - one for "red-flag" phrases and one for "green-flag" phrases.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars (26)
1,102 users

Link Exposé Requires Restart

Link Exposé is a tool that's meant to help you take back your privacy on the web. It's not a complete solution... but with the proliferation of tracking around the web in the form of links, is meant to occupy a necessary place in your arsenal

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Link extractor Requires Restart

Extract links from a URL or text and open extracted links in new tab or window.

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Link Fixer Thing Requires Restart

Link Fixer Thing (LFT) creates a more enjoyable browsing experience by rectifying common hyperlink annoyances.

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Link from Plain Text

Easy way to use plain text as a link. Using either context-menu or hotkeys

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (2)
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Link Gopher Requires Restart

Extracts all links from web page, sorts them, removes duplicates, and displays them in a new tab for inspection or copy and paste into other systems.

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13,564 users

Link Here

Generate URL for HTML element that has 'id' attribute.

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Link HighLighter (LHL) Requires Restart

This extension highlights the links you visit by domain and remembers to highlight them the next time you are on that website

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