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SecurityHeaders.io Analyser No Restart

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Extension to integrate with Openfind SecuShare server.
透過 Firefox 側邊欄與 SecuShare 進行整合, 以支援便利的檔案分享連結產生與管理.

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Seduction Toolbar

Die Seduction Toolbar der Verführerszene.

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See my Passwords No Restart

a basic add-on to show all your passwords in web pages

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See on Dictionary.com - Online English Dictionary. No Restart

Show, in a new Tab, the meaning of a selected English word with the site Dictionary.com, Thesaurus.com, Reference.com or Reverse Dictionary.

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Seedbaz Torrent Adder

.فایل تورنت و مگنت را به صورت اتوماتیک به سیدباکس خود بفرستید

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Seedbox.fr - Official Firefox Pugin

Seedbox.fr Official Firefox Plugin

Add torrents with right click - works with publics and private trackers

Documentation : http://seedboxdoc.com/index.php/Application_Firefox

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1,163 users

Seedboxes.cc No Restart

Fast access to your Seedboxes.cc account

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22 users

Seedesks Screenshare Helper No Restart

Helper utility for enabling screensharing with Seedesks.com

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SeeDocNow No Restart

This firefox extension enables screen capturing support in Firefox for https://secure.seedocnow.com pages.

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seekR search

Add an item of seekR (Search engine for R statistical computing environment) in right-click menu.

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57 users

SeekSpeak Sidebar

Connect with people, not just web pages! Chat with people about their searches in real time. It's anonymous and requires no registration.

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43 users

Seen Episodes Tracker No Restart

Seen Episodes Tracker is a Must-Have for every movie and series lover, who uses Amazon Instant Video, because it keeps track of your already seen movies and episodes of your favorite series.

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SeenAt Block


When the lock is on, nobody knows you read messages on chat:
Stop showing people when you read their messages!
(Block "Seen At" in Facebook chat).

Visit www.seenatblock.com and www.facebook.com/seenatblock

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seenthis search No Restart

This extension is a search engine for seenthis.net allowing to find your posts very quickly.

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Seerobots let's you easily see the websites Meta-Robots (index/noindex and follow/nofollow) and X-Robots configuration...

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2,364 users

SegmentFault 笔记 No Restart

SegmentFault 笔记扩展,随时记录灵感片段,快速保存到你的 SegmentFault 帐号。亦可快速选择页面指定部分、精彩代码片段,右键“ 保存到 SegmentFault 笔记”。

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Segue.se - Encurtador URL

Encurte com Segue.se direto do seu FireFox.
Short your URL with Segue.se on the firefox directly.

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Seguro Contra Spoilers No Restart

Sua timeline livre de Spoilers.
O Seguro Contra Spoiler da Previsul vai deixar sua timeline do Facebook livre de todo e qualquer spoiler. Basta instalar, selecionar as séries e pronto. Você estará protegido.

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Seismic Shaker No Restart

Seismic Shaker rattles your browser window whenever a strong earthquake occurs near you.

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53 users