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Rutracker.Org Addons

Add some facilities to work with rutracker.org: notifications of statistics, personal messages, new torrents and comments. Torrent file viewing.

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This add-on gathers information from the Belgium public radio station website(VRT) for searching music/festivals and radio programs.
In addition to the VRT website, it's possible to download the streams to disk so you can listen with your mp3player.

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Ryebox Bookmarks

Use your Ryebox bookmarks in Firefox!

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RYM Enhancer No Restart

Enhancing your RYMing

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Ryyng It No Restart

Remember everything with ryyng. Use this extension to add the web content that you want to remember.
This extension is intended to be used with an account on ryyng. If you don't have one already, please visit https://www.ryyng.com to sign up.

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S-DOC No Restart

Capturer dans S-DOC

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S-Net Connect No Restart

Use S-Net Connect to call numbers in Firefox.

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S-Net Connect ClickToDial for Salesforce No Restart

S-Net Connect ClickToDial for Salesforce

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Replaces the words "Thin Privilege" with "Fat Consequence".

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S24 cytowacz

salon24.pl: kopiuj z linką do komentarza
Dodatek tworzy pozycję w memu kontekstowym, która pozwala skopiować fragment komentarza na blogu w salon24.pl razem z tagami tworzącymi odnośnik (linkę) do tegoż komentarza.

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S3 Organizer(S3Fox)

S3Fox Organizer helps you organize/manage/store your files on Amazon S3. It is easy to install and use as it is integrated into the browser.

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S3.Google Translator Featured

S3.Google Translator adds the power of Google Translate’s automatic translations to your browser!
It supports translation of selected text, entered phrase or whole webpage between any of 80+ languages.

New Feature: Language learning!

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Access Amazon S3 inside firefox by using urls like s3://bucket/key

You can upload files (including by drag and drop), browse your buckets, bookmark, and more.

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SAASPASS Single Sign-On 2FA Authenticator No Restart

SAASPASS Single Sign-On extension allows SSO login to your two-factor authentication Authenticator services with zero steps.

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SaAT Netizen 拡張機能

SaAT Netizen Firefox Extension

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SABDA - Alkitab Linker

Makes a clickable link in any Bible verse pattern in any web page and displays a pop-up when you put your mouse over the link. Works for English (New English Translation) and Indonesian (TB) Bible verses.

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SABDA - Kamus

SABDA - Kamus is an Indonesian dictionary popup. Read Indonesian web sites with this addon just by moving the cursor over the word you want to lookup and you will get the definition of the word.

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Ease nzb files downloading by catching all downloads and redirecting them to your download tool : sabnzbd or any other newsgrabber which wait for files in a directory.

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Saclier World Add-On

Saclier World Add-On

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Sadakmap search and URL marker

Right click in your browser to Search for a place and get a URL pointing to a map location.

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