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Public IP Display No Restart

Displays your public IP address using an IP checker of your choice. Re-checks periodically and alerts you of changes. Also re-checks when global proxy setting is changed.

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Publicar en Upnews 1.0

Publica en Upnews.es desde el botón derecho del ratón o la Barra de Herramientas de marcadores.

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PubMed (simple) Gucker

Runs an API based PubMed search on www.kidney.de with marked text as search term. Shows a citation list with availability options as Open Access paper or to the embargo time of a hybrid access paper.

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19 users

PubMed Links Enhancer

PubMed Links Enhancer allows users to fast-search for the result authors on Google Scholar.

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PubMed-EX is a browser extension that marks up PubMed search results with additional information retrieved from IASL/YZU text-mining server.

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Pubmed2Endnote No Restart

Converting a selected PMID to Endnote
How can I download and import references from PubMed's website?

Pubmed2Endnote easily convert your Reference from PubMed to EndNote database.

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PubMedID to Wikipedia-Citation No Restart

Transforms PMID number (marked text) into the in-line-citation string for use in any wikipedia to get a PubMed citation into the references.

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PubPeer No Restart

This plugin adds links to existing PubPeer comments on journal websites and PubMed.

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Puji Hastuti Javanese Transliterator

Javanese transliterator to write easily in Javanese alphabets (hanacaraka). This extension converts your text into javanese unicode character. You can type on any text field such as inputs or textareas and Puji Hastuti will do the rest.

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83 users

Pullquote No Restart

Pullquote lets you link to the idea, not the webpage.

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Pulse Origin screen sharing enabler No Restart

Allow the Firefox screen sharing feature to work with Pulse Origin products.

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PulseMe screen sharing No Restart

Allows you to share screen while video-call in PulseMe system.
This extension is needed for users of PulseMe video-collaboration system. It allows to use modern features in Mozilla Firefox for screen sharing.

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PUMA Buttons No Restart

Three useful PUMA buttons: myPUMA as well as post bookmark and post publication.

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PunkSPIDER No Restart

Displays web vulnerability information from PunkSPIDER about the site you're currently visiting. PunkSPIDER is an open source project that scans the entire Internet for web vulnerabilities and provides the results free and open to the public.

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Puny URL

SAPO - Puny URL addon

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66 users

Pupe Helper

Adds context menu to goods on Poupee Girl to enable additional options.

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Puppies New Tab No Restart

If you love dogs, this new tab is for you.!Cute puppy images on every new tab page that you open! Includes a search box and other new tab features!

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Puppies New Tab Gallery No Restart

A gallery of rotating high-res puppy images on your new tab. New tab, new puppy!

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Puppo.ru Games Add-On

Виджет, в окне которого открываются последние добавленные flash игры развлекательно-игрового центра Puppo.ru. Теперь Вы всегда будете в курсе новинок в мире онлайн игр, и при этом, нет необходимости посещать сам сайт.

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Purdue University Boilermakers Interactive Theme No Restart

This is the OFFICIAL licensed browser theme designed especially for Purdue Boilermaker athletics fans. You'll enjoy a stunning Purdue University Firefox theme, quick links to the best of Boilermakers athletics and a sidebar for the latest action.

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