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MinuteBox Availability Extension

Firefox Extension for updating your MinuteBox availability. Control your online status and accept incoming chat requests.

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Расширение Минутта для Firefox

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MioBot - Price Tracking and Sales Alerts

Add products to MioBot to monitor its price. It is really easy!
1) At first, find a nice product.
2) Add product to MioBot by clicking MioBot icon in your browser.
3) That's it! MioBot will check the website for price changes! (*)

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miPanga Toolbar Requires Restart

A toolbar for miPanga which gives you the power to capture and organise websites within a second!

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Mirapri EU

Mirapri add-on for firefox. Convert JP urls in eu urls.

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Firefox - Miranda NG integration.
Adds options to Firefox context menu:
- Send page, link or selected text to contact from Miranda
- Set page, link or selected text as status message on Miranda account

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Mirinda Templates

Templates para personalizar tu Facebook

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Mirkoczat @ Wykop Compatible with Firefox 57+

Osadza mirkoczat na stronie wykop.pl

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MiroIt Requires Restart

Run Miro on any content in Internet.

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Mirror Compatible with Firefox 57+

This mirror flips your online activity!

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Mirror2play предоставляет возможность пользователям получить гарантированный доступ к определенному сайту, заблокированному провайдером. Удобство установки, простота и безопасность использования гарантированы.

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MirrorMaker Requires Restart

This is a small addon used to enhance the functionality of MirrorMaker, a tool to easily remote upload links between megaupload and rapidshare as well as a lot of other things.

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Easier to find the mirror mirror.ninja

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Misfavoritos Toolbar Requires Restart

Toolbar to add links to www.misfavoritos.es

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Miss Quizz

Lors de votre navigation sur les sites marchands, l'extension Miss Quizz - Offres Shopping vous fera faire des économies, en affichant automatiquement les codes promos disponibles et les produits similaires.

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Missing e

Unofficial browser add-on that adds useful features and customizations for Tumblr.

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Missing Link Context Menus

Shows context menus to be able to easily send URLs and selected text to devices via Missing Link. See http://www.peaklabs.net/apps/missing-link

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Mississippi College with Personas Interactive

Go Choctaws! Get Browser Theme! The only official theme of Mississippi College athletics, and it features:

The Choctaws spirit and style
Breaking news from all MC sports
Social connections with Facebook and Twitter

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Missouri State U Theme w/ Personas Interactive

This is the only OFFICIAL theme for the Missouri State University Bears! Built especially for fans of the Bears, you'll enjoy a stunning theme, quick links to Facebook and Twitter pages and up to date Bears news and information

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Missouri Valley Conf Theme w/ Personas Interactive

The official MVC theme from The Missouri Valley Athletics Conference. Fans and alumni will enjoy the Valley style whenever they're online, breaking news and scores from all MVC sports, and social connections through Facebook and Twitter

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