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Lexis State Bill Search Enhancement

This add-on allows lexis.com customers to review long lists of bills in an easier to read layout.

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Lexis Views

Lexis Views is an add-on tool that lets you access Lexis Advance content while you perform research on your other legal sites.

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Lexmark Toolbar Requires Restart

The Lexmark Toolbar improves Web printing by removing unwanted stuff, saving you ink and paper.

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95 users

lget Requires Restart

Allows you to initiate a direct download of a file given a url.

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818 users


Show LGTM images from lgtm.in/g. Copy markdown text to clipboard or input pull request textarea

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LGWORKS toolbar Requires Restart

LGWORKS toolbar allows searching the lgworks website using a...

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Libera Link Requires Restart

Remover Protetores de Link de todos os tipos.
Todos metodos de Liberação em um software livre e sem propaganda

Libera Link - Seja Livre outra Vez

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105 users

Liberty Island Requires Restart

Cartographie et de partage de positions pour le jeu pirates des caraïbes

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45 users

Liberty of Gaming

Soyez au courant quand Liberty commence à streamer !

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LibertyGuard Requires Restart

This add-on is for members of LibertyReserve.com only!!

Liberty Guard add-on protects its users against phishing(fake) websites that look like LibertyReserve.com

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146 users

LibertyVaults Extension

LibertyVaults application extension.

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Libra Hoje Compatible with Firefox 57+

Veja a cotação da Libra através do DolarHoje.com/libra

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Library Detector

Detects what javascript libraries are being used on the current page and displays the result as icons with detailed tooltips in the statusbar.

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585 users

Library Exporter Requires Restart

IMPORTANT: This add-on is just for exporting ebooks from EPUBReaders private library. If you want to read ebooks, please install https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/epubreader/.

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5,849 users

Library window always on top

Sets Library window (bookmarks and downloads manager) on top of all other windows.
Simple lightweight addon.
It's useful if you want to never lose focus when opening or editing bookmarks. Might be helpful to monitor downloads in real time

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40 users

libraryofbabel.info resource locator

This extension finds a sequence of pages in the Library of Babel with text from the website you're currently on.

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7 users

LibreOffice Editor Compatible with Firefox 57+

Create and edit documents with LibreOffice Online.

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563 users

Librus Średnia Ważona

Wtyczka ta umożliwia wyświetlanie średniej ocen w dzienniku LIBRUS gdy jest ona zablokowana przez administracje.

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Libup - Beautiful and practical start page

The most beautiful photos for your homepage and new tab on your firefox browser. Impressive backgrounds by the thousands. Discover each time you open firefox the most beautifully selected wallpapers. All with your favorite search engine.

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40 users

Lichess Berserker Compatible with Firefox 57+

Lichess berserker for popular chess website lichess.org
It adds a toggle button that enables auto-berserking

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