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Dynamically removes browsing history based on keywords and/or domains. Never use 'Private Browsing' again!

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DataPower Latency Log Visualization

Analyze IBM DataPower appliance latency log entries.

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Cora Report

CORA's mission is to expose toxic web content parading under the banner of "news." With input from our viewers, we'll highlight the most inspiring, and the most outrageous—the green and the red—in online reporting.
Join the fight! Download our App!

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Расширение Минутта для Firefox

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Cyber to Magic Requires Restart

Replaces the text 'Cyber' with 'Magic'.

Magic-security, magic-attacks, magic-criminals, magic-defense, and so on

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Auto Form Filler By Fire360Boy

This addon fills --ALL-- the text inputable fields on the web page with dummy text(Random Text) For Web Dewelopers and Programmers
Author : Fire360Boy
Email : Fire360Boy@gmail.com

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Browse facebook worryfree. All interaction elements (liking, commenting, sharing) are hidden to prevent accidentally clicking them!

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Fast way to search music in MP3Cow, while surfing the web.

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Periodic Memory Usage Dumper

Saves memory usage information periodically (mainly for troubleshooting), for web/addon developers.

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Some Fear Mongering Shithead Requires Restart

Replaces the text 'Stephen Harper' with 'Some Fear Mongering Shithead'. A Fork of Some Rich Asshole. Parody.

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Reload on Idle

Reloads specified tabs on idle to reduce memory usage.

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ConnectUs WebRTC Screen Capture

This extension allows WebRTC connections to use the screen as a video source.

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Places Auto Vacuum On Idle Requires Restart

Compacts the Places database on idle.

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Bookmarks Title Styles Requires Restart

Customize Bookmarks Title Colors and Text Styles

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MintIt Button for MintShow Requires Restart

Send images to your MintShow account quickly and easily with MintIt Button for MintShow.

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Learn Enhancer

Learn Enhancer improves your university experience by making it faster and easier to view PDFs on Learn or Blackboard.

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vanhelssingborg Requires Restart


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Vine Volume Fixer

Adjust vine.co video volume to a sane level of your choosing.

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Save an article to my hive

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