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RadioGNU Scrobbler No Restart

RadioGNU Scrobbler for Libre.fm.

Step 1: Enter to libre.fm and input your credential and save it with the Login Manager of Firefox.

Step 2: Enter to radiognu.org and enjoy it.

GNU FM use a music recommender system called "Audioscrobbler".

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10 users

Password Engine No Restart

use the password engine identity safe password generator to create highly secure passwords that are difficult to crack or guess

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3 users

uProxy (Beta) No Restart

uProxy - Share your pathway to the Internet.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars (4)
622 users

NetIQ Basic SSO No Restart

NetIQ Basic SSO Extension

Not yet rated
19 users

Complete Theme Helper

Simple add-on helper for Complete Themes that restores functionality no longer present.
"Firefox 2, the theme, reloaded" currently supported.

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135 users

shabdkosh No Restart

Shabdkosh: Select any text on browser -> right click on text -> select 'Find hindi meaning of `Word` with '. There are 3 options for users to translate any word into hindi with (1)translate.google.com (2)shabdkosh.com (3)dict.hinkhoj.com.

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68 users

MyOneSearch – The Best Way to Search No Restart

The MyOneSearch extension offers you a convenient way of searching the web by changing your Firefox™ browser settings (startup page, home page, new tab, and default search) to Bing or MSN.

Privacy: http://info.myonesearch.net/privacy

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3 users

Codecov Extension No Restart

Overlay Coverage reports in Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab

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145 users

Xambox Web Capture

Capture in 1 click the web pages you're browsing, to automatically archive them in your Xambox.

Not yet rated
18 users

Améliorations du forum developpez.com No Restart

Aides, améliorations et personnalisation du forum developpez.com

Not yet rated
5 users

amernet No Restart

Amernet screen sharing extension for firefox. It just capture screen and share to other.

Not yet rated
5 users

Screen-sharing extension for orange-labs.fr No Restart

Extension to enable screen sharing for the orange-labs.fr domain

Not yet rated
4 users

I Don't Want to Miss a Notification!!1 No Restart

Let users decide how long web notifications can last

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (4)
122 users

BlackCoin Lookup No Restart

look up BlackCoin addresses or transactions

Not yet rated
8 users

Compartir escritorio de evolutel No Restart

Complemento para compartir el escritorio en una videoconferencia

Not yet rated
31 users


This is an extension to validate online HTML pages using W3C validation service.

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6 users

Screen Sharing Helper for RemoteMeeting No Restart

Helper utility for enabling screen sharing

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31 users

Transliterate Cyrillic Tajik/Persian No Restart

Transliterate Cyrillic Tajik/Persian texts to Latin script

Not yet rated
21 users

MSN News No Restart

Follow the topics you care about and stay up-to-date!

Not yet rated
117 users

Transliterate Kurdish No Restart

Transliterate Kurdish webpages from Arabic script to Latin script

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21 users