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CJ opener

This expansion allows to open galleries from some sites with the ciphered links (TGP) directly, passing a redirect.

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Save selected text to file.

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Расширение позволяет пользователям сайта photosight.ru быстро получать информацию о новых поступлениях на сайте, и состоянии их профиля.

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Check My Colors!

This addon is a button that can be added to the tool bar. To add, right click on the toolbar and select customize. It will then allow you to place a button on the toolbar to run the tests. This is a tool that will allow web developers to analyze thei...

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Awesome Throbber

Awesome Throbber extension allows you define what URL(s) you get taken to when you click on the throbber icon (The 'spinning dots' activity indicator you see when a page is loading.)

Based upon Throbber Button by Aaron Pauls.

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Free Play Club

Menu per il Forum Free Play Club

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Baseball Interactive Theme No Restart

This theme Includes: links to great sites, MLB team-selector, news and sidebar with video. Our improved personas experience, Personas Interactive, will be installed with this theme.

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GoogleSonomy shows you relevant search results from the social bookmarking system BibSonomy along your Google search.

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Table Filter

Allows a user to filter rows in a table of web-page.

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Navigate across domains on session history with one click

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The Handfire plugin allows users to convert poker hand histories directly from their clipboard in a variety of output formats, supported by TheHandConverter.com.

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The snap shot is preserved in desktop of you.

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Semantic Turkey

Semantic Turkey: a Knowledge Acquisition and Ontology Management Framework.

Important: read developers' comments below to get to the download (for the right version)!

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This is the Deepwoods Software Toolbar. It provides various links and tools for Deepwoods Software customers.

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This toolbar provides a CW Mars catalog search box directly on your Firefox browser. You can search for library materials without having to navigate to the CW Mars website.

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Nodobe Viewer

Free your computer from bloatware with the Nodobe Viewer. Just say Nodobe!

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Currency Watch

Looks up real-time currency conversion rates from Yahoo Finance and displays them in a neat status bar pane. Supports more than 100 currencies and the list keeps growing.

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Please write a review to get this out of Sandbox into mainstream!! Will be much appreciated!!
The quip (quick-ip) addon eliminates typing in the first two octets of the ip address. Typically in intranet testing or development environments, you access...http://172.16 part in preferences and change it to something else. You can also add a post fix to the address (for e.g: a port number) as well.

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NetID Lookup

Easily search the University of Illinois NetID database.

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Geeks Toolbar

Here's an easier way to access pages in the Geeks community at http://geeks.pirillo.com/. If you're not already a member, it's free to join and fun to participate. Suggestions are welcome.

It is compatible with Firefox 4.0

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