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sidebar makeup

change your sidebar to a floating panel rather than an ordinary, in-flow sidebar

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==== OBSOLETE ==== This Add-On is no longer necessary ==== Instead, get the addon named "Padlock", which can give you the same experience ====

Highlights the URL bar with yellow color, if connected using valid https

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ImageZilla.net Image Uploader

Upload images fast and easy to Imagezilla.net by right-clicking on them.

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Joint.tk Informer No Restart

Информер сайта Joint.tk

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Blend In

Blends OS-related values in User-Agent HTTP request header & a number of JS properties, so that Firefox (Thunderbird) appears to sites visited as running on the OS used the most in the world. Since 18.0t17.0.2 Windows is blended by default as well.

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NoteIt lets you create useful and private notes on webpages which will be there once you return to the webpage. It comes with a simple toolbar button that helps you create a note with just a simple click.

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Google Instant Integration No Restart

Add a search engine that seamlessly sends you to the Google instant web-search when you start searching.

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Post current page to Delicious.

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URL shortener xav.cc No Restart

xav.cc is a URL shortening extension, which allows to easily shorten URLs, and post it to twitter, Delicious or Blogmarks.

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Dec Link

Burle os protetores de link e seja redirecionado diretamente para o site de download.

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Bookmarks Sidebar Scroll Retainer

Memorizes Bookmarks/History sidebar's vertical scroll position. And restores it at re-opening, in each window each session.

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553 users

auto dial helper No Restart

Auto Dial Helper,
WORKAROUND for Bug 652440 auto dial helper does not pop up when open web page

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GISS Google Image Search Size Indicator No Restart

A tool for adding linked-image size information to the default view of Google Image Search results.

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Mibbit Browser extension for Firefox

Mibbit Browser Window that opens up in a separate window than Firefox to allow you to use the Mibbit IRC client while browsing.

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onDroo.com Search

Makes it easy to search for what you want through onDroo.com: just highlight text, right-click, and search!

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Readable SafeBrowsing

Highlights important information on Google's Safe Browsing diagnostic pages making them easily readable.

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Paste Middle And Go

When you hit new tab button with middle click, launch a search or the url containted in your clipboard

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A Double Click to Close Tab

Double click on Tab or Webpage to close current Tab. Also, will add the "Undo Closed Tab" context menu. It is the smallest/fastest extension in the world, only 1Kb!

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Follow <link>s using hotkeys.

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ClanPlay.ru in new tab

Загружается ClanPlay.ru когда Вы открываете новое окно.

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