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MEO Cloud Requires Restart

Interact with MEO Cloud, send, receive and attach files all without leaving the browser.

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Addon gives ability to numerate and copy to clipboard C++ source code on the cpp0x.pl website. It makes replying in topics easier, gives citation and quick response options. Allows to make small changes in website's look and feel.

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AOTG Editing Site Sharing Tool Requires Restart

The AOTG Editing Site Sharing Tool allows those in the film editing community to share blogs, podcasts, videos, articles and more with other editors through the AOTG.com site. Simply click the icon and submit the page and it will appear on AOTG.COM.

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no Requires Restart

Remove 'recommended' videos (recommended by youtube based on previous videos you've viewed) from your youtube homepage. http://geoffritchey.wordpress.com/2012/12/08/javascript-code-to-delete-youtubes-recommended/

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AcsTrigger Requires Restart

Easily toggle the option to allow or not a website to use their own colors.

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BVBB++ enhances the website experience on the web pages of the Badminton Federation of Berlin and Brandenburg (Germany, www.bvbb.net) .

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Desktop notifications for Stack Exchange's inbox

Real-time desktop notifications for Stack Exchange's inbox.

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Important Tabs

Select and manage few important tabs among a bunch of all currently opened tabs.

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Tab for a Cause Requires Restart

Donate to a cause you care about simply by browsing the web! Every tab you open raises money for charity.

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Adds a button to open up a random bookmark.

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Facebook Panda - Google Maps for Facebook Requires Restart

Replaces Bing Maps links with Google Maps links on Facebook.

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BeSoccer2 (1) Requires Restart

Roll Tide

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BeSoccer2 (2) Requires Restart

Alabama Crimson Tide

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bookmarker content to wp Requires Restart

help to collect page data to personal wp blog

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a basic add-on for sxehao.com login

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MDK Browser Extension

A collection of userscripts to make Moodle developers' life easier.

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Use Quora from Firefox very easily

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IDScraper Requires Restart

IDScraper website auxiliary extension

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Open Link In Pinned Tab

Adds a content menu item to open links in a pinned tab.

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