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Search Bing from Google

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Perseus allows your data to be protected when sent over HTTP protocol. Perseus protects your data against botnet and other malwares.

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Add useful tools to your google reader.

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Install Extension

Install Extension with two clicks.

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This addon is to display the score of TopHatenar in status bar.
TopHatenar(http://tophatenar.com/) is a kind of blog ranking system in Japan.
Each blog is ranked by the number of social bookmarks and rss subscribers.

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Shorten your urls by using rename!me (http://rnm.me) service. Quick and easy with using our Firefox extention via context menu and copy direct to your clipboard.

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Drag And Open

Drag And Open is a Firefox extension for easily open a new link in a new tab by drag and drop

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Textarea Selection Search

Textarea Selection Search adds lacking context menu search option to the textarea selections.

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Edinburgh Capitals Hockey - OFFICIAL Theme

EIHL Edinburgh Capitals: It's like a hat trick for the Internet! team news and more.

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College Candy Theme and Extension

College Candy Boom: college, guys, and fashion. Includes links to the official site, news and sidebar with latest blog posts and video.

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COED Magazine - Official Theme and Extension

COED Magazine Boom: sports, entertainment and girls. Includes links to the official site, news and sidebar with twitter posts and video.

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Eco-Friendly Theme and Extension No Restart

Created by http://BrandThunder.com where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme. A nature theme & links to leading sites, eco-friendly products and an easy way to contribute.

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shift+right-click on a word to get definition in many dictionary sources. Words& contexts then will be managed for learning vocabulary.
shift+chuột phải lên từ để tra nghĩa tại nhiều nguồn từ điển. Từ& ngữ cảnh được quản lý để giúp bạn học ngoại ngữ

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Compare Video Games Prices at BuyVDOGames.com

Find best prices to buy new & used video games for PC, Mac, DS, Wii, PSP, XBox 360, PS2, PS3. Select Title or UPC of a video game on any web page and click the button or right click to compare prices at multiple online stores.

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Displays the rank of each search result entry in front of the title. Supported search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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Better iGoogle!

Take control of your iGoogle page! This extension GREATLY improves the RSS feeds on your iGoogle page. It also adds many more options, letting you take full control over your iGoogle experience!

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Bookmarks Toolbars

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My Search Toolbar

A toolbar to quickly search content(web, images, videos, news) through all the famous search engine Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask etc. And now search solutions to your computer problems, C/C++ Programs, Java Programs, Software, Wallpapers, Tips and Tricks

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Search Helper - Enhance Google

Open Google search results in multiple tabs. Access your last search results from a toolbar button. Get similar sites for any Google search result.

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Dead Phish

Checks the page URL and links for phishing attempts

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