Up & Coming Extensions


KnackQuiz No Restart

KnackQuiz lets you create your own online exam/quiz management website. You can let your users/students/employees attend the quizzes/exams. You could view results in multiple format like graphical, indiviudal result(s), top results and so on.

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5 users

Grepo-Tool Support

This extension is just an support tool for Grepo-Tool and helps you to export reports, spys or the city wall into Grepo-Tool.

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487 users

Auto-Open Browser Console No Restart

Automatically opens Browser Console when Firefox starts. Mainly for extension developers.

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21 users

New find toolbar with alert box

Notices by alert box the end of search results. How many times we overshoot the end of page with the findbar and unconsciously redo the same search spending time and resources?
With this addon we avoid this inconvenience.

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CashitBack is a shopping assistant, it makes sure that you get cashback for all your online purchases. It works in the background & never forgets to work for you. It works with all major merchantrs in India (Myntra, Jabong, MakeMyTrip, Snapdeal etc)

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5 users

ExtJS 4 No Restart

Embed ExtJS library in Firefox Browser.

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143 users

Ching Testing

Firefox extension testing by Vikas Kumar.

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Comwrap Projects Navigator No Restart

Quickly navigate to Comwrap Projects in JIRA and Confluence

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17 users

Supertab No Restart

Gives you a list of tabs in Most Recently Used (MRU) order. Triggered by Ctrl-Tab.

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428 users

Facebook Notification No Restart

The official Facebook Notification extension developed by Bagf, Inc.

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25 users

Pipelining Firefox No Restart

A basic add-on to pipeline firefox.

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481 users

taobao-vk No Restart

Дополнение предназначено для организаторов совместных покупок на сайте vk.com, оно помогает связывать фото с товарами, и места (страницы) закупки товаров, а так же удобно редактировать описание (изменение цены) фото.

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11 users

Show me the passsword!

Tired of not knowing if you wrote well your password? Tired to re-write all the password? Yes, me too...

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763 users

Network Activator (HDS)

Network activator browser extension

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7 users

Zynga Poker No Restart

Zynga Poker Game

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92 users

ArsTechnica Single Page Article No Restart

Shows a single page containing the whole multi page article.

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139 users

Elaborate.io No Restart

Adds a link to Tweets on the Twitter website, which start a discussion on Elaborate.io

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2 users

Dotekománie.cz No Restart

Čtečka článků webu Dotekomanie.cz. Více informací najdete na http://plugin.dotekomanie.cz/.

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21 users

Kuibu No Restart

Translate Anytime


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202 users

Goatbox for BTC-e No Restart

This unofficial extension for the btc-e.com chatbox allows you to hide, or just shrink the font size of, messages from annoying users. You can also filter out messages according to their content - get rid of foul language, scamcoin names, and so on.

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13 users