Up & Coming Extensions


Unsocialize: The Link Unsocializer

Provides a right-click menu item for direct links, bypassing Facebook's "social readers" and other social link sharing apps.

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215 users

The Grim Tab Reaper No Restart

When you leave a tab open for a long time without using it, the Grim Tab Reaper will automatically turn it into a bookmark and close it.

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72 users

No Close Other Tabs

Removes "Close other tabs" context menu item.

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30 users

Focus URL By Double Click

Focus URL by clicking the Tab twice. It is an easy way to focus on URL bar instead of pressing 'ALT+D' or 'CTRL+L' when Navigation bar is hidden by JS "Autohide Nav bar alternative"

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6 users


Con esta extensión podrás leer las Kukis (frases) que se han enviado a KukiNet, la red social móvil de moda. Encontrarás frases de todo tipo: de amistad, amor, que hacen reir, reflexiones, temas de actualidad... Más información en: www.kukinet.com

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URL in Tab Tooltip

Display tab URL in tab tooltip for inactive tabs.

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153 users

noordubleclick v1.0

Repeat the same grade for all students in the system of Noor programming by:MAJED SALEM AL TOUM
تكرار الدرجة للطلاب في نظام الرصد المركزي نور

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31 users

Unimerc - Amazon Price Tracker

Unimerc is an Amazon price tracker. Track Amazon prices without ever leaving Amazon's website. View a price history chart, set price alerts, and find some of the biggest discounts on Amazon.

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22 users

ttfc-google image search modifier

Open images of Google search directly without going through the webpage's preview.

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189 users

Top UK Deals No Restart

Displays latest Hot UK Deals from the popular UK website in a popup window.

The fastest way to browse latest UK Deals

Opens a fully functional small version of the HUKD website

Quick access to Deals, Vouchers, Freebies and Compettions.

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10 users

easySearch No Restart

An elegant add-on that provides an easy search UI.

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20 users

waferthin No Restart

Make buildbot waterfalls thinner

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1 user


BabelBar, removes the barriers of social media.

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17 users

TTFC Docked Facebook Timeline

Tweak the new Facebook Timeline to show all post in unique docked blocks.

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26 users

Email tester

Es un complemento para testear mails.

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4 users


Machine status of BESSY II at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) in the status line of your browser

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37 users

Mozilla Reps Companion No Restart

Easy access to tools, documentation, and more for Mozilla Reps

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33 users

Page Hacker Revived

Adds a toolbar to edit and format the current page

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305 users


Auto closing tabs after 30 minutes

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23 users


This is just a little adjustment to
I changed the maxVersion to 12.* and, as far as I can see, the add-on still works.

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