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Quitomzilla helps you quit smoking while you surf the web or wait for new emails, showing the cigarettes, money and time you have saved since you quit...

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652 users


Lists installed add-ons (extensions, themes, plugins). Compatible version linked from the Developer comments section at the bottom of the addon's page.

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982 users


Lost in you browsing? Followed a looong serie of links?...

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12 users

Text size toolbar

Adds text size buttons to the toolbar. This has now been superseded by the Zoom toolbar https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6118

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713 users

Document Map

Displays the current page's heading structure in the sidebar, allowing rapid navigation between...

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Allows you to submit a form to a new tab or window. Simply middle-click on a submit button, or hold down the ctrl key before clicking on the...

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248 users


Extend the functionality of keyword-searches so that they can be activated with the mouse. Simply select some text in your current window and then click on a keyword-enabled bookmark. A search will be performed with the text selection. If no text...

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TargetKiller is a small extension for the Firefox web browser. The extension removes the target attribute from links on the fly. You can specify which target attributes should get removed. By default TargetKiller is removing all target attributes whi...

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501 users

Adsense Notifier

Displays your Adsense earnings on the...

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69 users


Learns and corrects mistyped web addresses typed in the address bar...

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139 users

Bork Bork Bork!

The Swedish Chef travesty filter and URL blocker. View web pages or mail as spoken by the Swedish Chef like this...

"Zee Svedeesh Cheff trefesty feelter und URL blucker. Feeoo veb peges oor meeel es spukee by zee Svedeesh Cheff leeke-a thees."

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226 users

Evolution Classic Toolbar

Evolution Classic (http://classic.playevo.com) is a multiplayer browser game bringing thousands of players from across the world together to battle for inter-galactic domination...

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Orkut Toolbar

Orkut Toolbar helps you to format the text of your posts in the Orkut forums, easily access all common functions of orkut, create and manage custom signatures and insert and view images and flash movies in orkut posts and scraps.

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217 users

Fetch Text URL

Open plain text URLs from the context menu.

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648 users

Small Screen Renderer

Turn your Firefox into a cellphone browser. It adds a new menu entry "Small Screen Rendering" under the View menu. Just select it to have the page you are currently browsing redisplayed in a cellphone...

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92 users

del.icio.us post

Posts current page or link to del.icio.us. Adds an entry to the context menu and a button to the toolbar.

Due to Yahoo's recent announcement that delicious is to be retired, I'm discontinuing support for Firefox 4 and above.

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17 users

Dublin Core Viewer

Displays Dublin Core Metadata embedded in HTML/XHTML documents with META and LINK elements (as per http://www.dublincore.org/documents/dcq-htm...

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Opens useful sites for pages geographically marked with ICBM or geo.position META.

As the use of these meta elements has been niche, at best, I'm discontinuing future support for Firefox 4 and above.

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46 users

Reuse Home Page

Loads an external link into an active home or blank tab

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (15)
23 users

Context Style Switcher

Change Page Style via context menu

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