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BackSpace Disabler

Disable the backspace shortcut easily.

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Surfez, vous etes payé! Naviguez comme à votre habitude,ous vous versons jusqu'à 15€ par an! Envie de plus ? Visite de sites, sondages, tests de service... Nos clients payent pour ces actions : effectuez-les et touchez ce qui vous revient de droit !

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Transliterate Belarusian Cyrillic

Adds a transliteration of Belarusian Cyrillic to Latin alphabet.

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Privacy Lock

Privacy Lock

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Ask the Author on PubMED

Make an email to ask the author of a paper for preprints, or thank them for publishing in an open access journal.

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WU Fast IT News 0.2

Fast IT news from Cnet.com and IT.com.mk for all IT users.

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Rental Application No Restart

Create/save/print Rental Applications Other Languages, Backing Up All Those Rental Applications You Entered

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Descarga tus videos

Agrega un boton a tus paginas para descargar tus videos de paginas populares como Youtube, Tu.tv, Dailymotion, Goear, Vimeo, 56.com y mas de 20 paginas disponibles.

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A Direct link to the site ACV-AV, witch is the Site of Aeroclube de Cabo Verde - Avição Virtual. Um ícone que redireciona-o para o site do ACV-AV que o site de Aeroclube de Cabo Verde - Avição Virtual

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UK TV Guide and Search

A comprehensive, and up to date, Guide and Search for hundreds of UK TV channels based on data from radiotimes.com

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Allows to see only friends' blogs on search results page.
Use only for www.malecha.org.ua site.

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The Volunia plugin let you activate Volunia in all the sites you visit.
Using this tool, you will be able to fully exploit the functionalities of Volunia.

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Folloyu Add-On

Folloyu is a free add-on that lets you easily resume the webpage that you are currently browsing on another device. Also available for Chrome.

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Flattr No Restart

Companion add-on for social micro-payment service Flattr.com. Enables easy discovery and flattr donations for flattrable pages that you visit.

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Fixes rep and thanks functions with www.fbtz.com

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Modernizador de la AFIP

This extension fixes a bug in Afip.gov.ar that forbids you to print the Monotributo card

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Remoku No Restart

A web app for Roku remote control

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600 users

Make It Look Better

No more 'has Photo' images on TradeMe.co.nz

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78 users


Pour accéder à WordPress... d'un clic !

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Fancy is part store, blog, magazine and wishlist. Fancy for Firefox gives you desktop notifications, enhanced search results and easy access to your collection.

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