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bugzilla-diff-highlight No Restart

Highlight the diffs openened on bugzilla.mozilla.org

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D3 Install Availability Checker

This addon will notify you when the remaining of the install od Diablo 3 is ready (should be a few hours before release).

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Minecraft Skin Preview No Restart

Preview your current Minecraft skin

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All your favourite tabs in one page forever with you. This plugin was developed special for webber.

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Parafia.biz Helper

Rozszerzenie ułatwia wykonywanie questów w grze parafia.biz.

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U517 Extension

U517帮你收集、发现网络上你喜欢的事物。 极易上手,玩味无限。

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Arka Alert

C3O Alert tool

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Cutnote Web Clipper

Help you to save things you see on the web into your Cutnote account.

You can also add tag, comment, edit, organize, drag & drop, search and share these clips.

You can write your own notes too.

100% compatible with Google Notebook.

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72 users

My Soha Screen Capture

Tiện ích chụp màn hinh và chia sẻ nhanh lên MySoha.

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YouTube To MP3 Converter - Uscorpion

Convert YouTube to MP3 instantly! This addon will add a button directly above the youtube videos called 'Convert To MP3'. Click the button and the video will be sent to http://www.uscorpion.com and the conversion process will start right away.

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Net Tuts

Simple Mozilla Add-on

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T-suggest was created for the project of the university.
Gets the metadata page you're viewing and then forward it to our server.
Based on the data collected about you, using our algorithm , you'll see links to pages that you may be interested.

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Scans pages for img tags with alt attributes but no title attributes, and sets the title to match the alt, so you get the tooltip.

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Arxii addon (Firefox)

Complemento para Firefox del gestor web de enlaces

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Bookmark Recycler

Send bookmarks to the Bookmark Trash in any of the following two ways:
1. Drag and drop the bookmark on to the Trash Icon.
2. Right click on bookmark and select the 'Trash it' menu button.

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Revisit for Firefox,a extension for Firefox to view the recent visited page

3、应用Logo-Enhanced Thumbnails

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Yones hilft dir beim Nachrichtenlesen. Es erkennt was du liest und stellt dir damit ein persönliches Magazin zusammen, nur mit Artikeln, die dich auch wirklich interessieren. Probier's aus, es ist kostenlos. http://www.yones.net

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iDislike No Restart

Dislike Away ©

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TTFC - Share-cash Survey Bypasser

Skips surveys on sharecash if they irritate you.

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