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4th aspect assistant Requires Restart

Assists with link building. 4th aspect produce innovative, easy to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Marketing Software that assists web design and other digital agencies in managing their clients' online campaigns.

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41 users

qqtt.org gaming streams notifications Requires Restart

Track your favorite gaming livestreams from twitch.tv and own3d.tv

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Side Watch Requires Restart

Side Watch - play YT videos in left pane of Firefox.

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763 users

Style Editor Requires Restart

Style Editor places an add-on bar button that open Firefox Style Editor qucikly.

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528 users

Page Source Requires Restart

Page Source places an add-on bar button that open the Page Source qucikly.

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654 users

simpletweet Requires Restart

With this simple add-on, you can tweet title and URL of the viewing web page very easily.

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88 users

YOKA at Tool Requires Restart


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Site Identity Button Colors

Brings back verifiedIdentity and verifiedDomain highlighting colors to the Site Identity Button. Also includes a darker style

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510 users

youffan Sports Community Requires Restart

Youffan es una comunidad deportiva dedicada a darle un espacio a profesionales y aficionados del deporte.

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Google Opener Requires Restart

Opens Google in a New Tab

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13 users

GratisTempel.de Gutscheintoolbar Requires Restart

Nie wieder nerviges Suchen nach gültigen Gutscheinen zum Sparen, das praktische Browser-Addon von GratisTempel.de zeigt immer die passenden Gutscheine an.

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24 users

Hatena Notify

はてなの「あなたへのお知らせ」をFirefxo からチェックする拡張機能

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5 users

Facebook Opener Requires Restart

Opens facebook in a new tab

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19 users

BitTorrent WebUI++ Requires Restart

Automatically upload .torrent files to your favorite BitTorrent client's Web Interface.
Supported Clients:
Vuze and Azureus (via AzSMRC, HTML WebUI, Swing WebUI)

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337 users


This add-on is a quick link to GoDaddy.com.

Go Daddy offers everything you need to make a name for yourself on the Web, from domain names and website builders to complete eCommerce solutions.

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12 users

Go Daddy Email Requires Restart

This is the official quick access link from Firefox for Go Daddy Email

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109 users

Go Daddy WHOIS Requires Restart

What's in the WHOIS?
The WHOIS database is a searchable list of every single domain currently registered in the world. To find out who owns a particular domain name, all you have to do is type it into the box above.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars (2)
19 users

Go Daddy Hosting Control Center Requires Restart

The Hosting Control Center is an intuitive interface for the setup and management of your Windows® and Linux® shared hosting accounts. It is your home base for anything and everything involving your hosted site.

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32 users

Get.tf URL Shortener Requires Restart

Uses get.tf service to short your URL

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19 users

Unsocialize: The Link Unsocializer Requires Restart

Provides a right-click menu item for direct links, bypassing Facebook's "social readers" and other social link sharing apps.

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169 users