Up & Coming Extensions


Download Box

A toolbar button for showing download progress.

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Green Power Indicator (GPI)

The "Green Power Indicator" visualises if the website has a green power state or not. If the power state is unknown a ? is shown. Otherweise the GPI shows the quality of the green power of the websites server via a small icon.

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86 users

The Green Web No Restart

Automatically check the sustainability of a website with The Green Web add-on

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171 users

Linkator - because everything is a link!

You don't need to copy and paste a text to your search box anymore. Linkator automatically makes a search for you. It is simple, you just need to select a text and click enter.

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Cash-Town.de Toolbar

Mit der kostenlosen Toolbar von Cash-Town.de erhalten Sie ständig aktuelle Informationen zu Ihrem Account im Browser. Außerdem benachrichtigt Sie die Toolbar wenn Sie eine Seite betreten zu der eine Bonusaktion vorhanden ist.

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Extension for Georgian web-site Forum.ge

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The Official USA Add-on for Firefox

Stay connected to the ‘home of the brave’ and download our new browser application. This is an add-on to your existing browser, meaning you can surf the web in a familiar environment while showing your patriotic side all the time you’re online.

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Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Instant Preview No Restart

Start loading pages as you select them from the location bar suggestions

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773 users

Flip Image

Flip normal image to a mirrored

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Copy Header

Copy title,URL,descrption,and keywords.

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898 users

WebMyStyles No Restart

Style the web your way- provides a GUI that allow web users to change the look-and-feel of arbitrary web pages to something more pleasant and accessible.

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Adds a many graphic filters to the main context menu.

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Twitter Media Preview

Add media previews to the Twitter web interface for Imgur.com, Daft.ie, Adverts.ie and XKCD.com

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SignatureCheck.org Certificate Thumbprint Validator

Validates certificates against thumbprints retrieved from SignatureCheck.org.
Warns user when differences are detected.

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Load your API from Starshine to Eye On Starshine

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RBS Change Manager

Module d'accès à l'interface d'administration d'un site réalisé avec RBS Change.

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469 users


Digraph support for Firefox (as known from Vim)

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29 users

Pixnet Image Uploader

Use context menu to upload webpage images to Pixnet album.

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LeftSideStar No Restart

Moves the bookmark star to the left of the urlbar.

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373 users

Bookmark's 404

Bookmark\'s 404 allow to find web site address with 404 error (or more) from your bookmarks.

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298 users