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Screen Share - Logintohealth.com

Logintohealth.com uses the WebRTC platform of OpenTok for connecting patients to doctors for online consultations by video medium.
With this screen sharing plug-in, patients and doctors can share their screen with each other.

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9 users

Send to aria2

This extension captures download links and sends them to aria2 server.

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308 users

Open Gmail

Open Gmail.com in new tab

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24 users

Single Star Button (without Bookmarks Menu Button)

Right Click to show Bookmarks Menu.

Single Star Button without separate Bookmarks Menu Button.
Remove Bookmarks Menu Button. Leaves same Single Star Button.

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57 users

AC Unit Test

AtCoder の問題ページから、ユニットテストを生成するアドオン

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3 users

Beastify too

My first add from example packs

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Kat Bond Website

Visit the Kat Bond portfolio website in a new tab.

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Soyez au courant lorsque Oraclis est en LIVE !

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Debug Cookie

For web developers only.
Button which toggles debug=1/0 cookie on the current domain when clicked. This cookie can be checked by the site you develop so that you may enable/disable development functionality on your site with a click of a button.

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6 users

CardDAV Browser Requires Restart

A utility to browse vCards stored on a CardDAV server.

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758 users

Glowbl Screenshare

This extension allows you to share your screen in a LiveStage on Glowbl.com

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4 users


Bot for Travian Kingdoms. Supported features:
-Troop train
-Farm Finder
-Farming reports

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277 users

Tokbox QA Screensharing V2

A screen-sharing extension for Tokbox testing purpose

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2 users

Twitch Auto Popout

Automatically popouts out any twitch stream + new upcoming features.

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553 users

Screensharing Extension for AGORA

This extension enables screen sharing inside the AGORA secure collaboration platform

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2 users

Brand View OnSite

Brand View OnSite is a browser extension that makes it easy for retailers and manufacturers to monitor and react to competitors’ pricing and promotion strategies.

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11 users

Deadpool Tribute New Tab

A new tab experience featuring imagery from the awesome Marvel movie, Deadpool!

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1 user

VSCT CORR ID Requires Restart

Permet de recuperer son correlation ID au sein des dialogues VSC

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12 users

Questler Bonusfinder

Questler Bonusfinder 3.0 (questler.de)

Der Bonusfinder wird dich beim Aufrufen einer Partnerseite darüber informieren, ob es dort über uns eine Provision gibt.

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134 users


This firefox extension enables screen capturing support in Firefox for https://www.shunengwuhuo.com page.

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