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This extension allows easy access to the pages that will be helpful throughout the year!

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OfficeMA Timesheet Timer

An easy to use cloud based task timer to track your OfficeMA Timesheet tasks directly from Firefox.

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Datingsite Checker

De Firefox add-on Datingsite Checker biedt internet gebruikers transparante informatie over meer dan 100 Nederlandse datingsites.

The Firefox extension Datingsite Checker provides transparant information about more than 100 Dutch dating websites.

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Ecofactura Download Router

Copia automáticamente una descarga a la carpeta configurada. Este proceso se hace por dominio y tipo de archivo.

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A fast and lightweight Trello plugin for working with Scrum.

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Screen-sharing extension for lingos.co

Screen sharing for Lingos

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Jump to search box

A basic add-on is moves keyboard cursor to sites search box with hotkey. Default is alt-c.

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Detects the use of AngularJS on a webpage and gives you an alert when it detects AngularJS. It just gives you a heads up that hey, this site was built with angular, so that might be why its so cool! And if your an angular dev, inspiration!

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Medium Korean Font

Change Medium font-family for Korean users.
From https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/medium-korea-font/kokpfknnegehljlpmbddjhlmbcbbmpbh

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Baboom Search Compatible with Firefox 57+

Listen to live radio stations directly from your browser while surfing the web with Baboom without any charge, just changing your search engine.

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Keeeb Compatible with Firefox 57+

Add-on to use with keeeb.com to collect any kind of online information. Register your personal Keeeb and start your research with Keeeb.

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Fork of Mozilla Labs Prospector Oneliner 2

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TextItEasy: Share the web

Comparte cualquier recurso web de tu ordenador a tu móvil y/o redes sociales favoritas.

Share any web resource from your computer to your mobile device or your favourites social networks.

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Recall my password

Generates and reminds when necessary a unique password for each website you need based on a same secret key you need to come up once and remember.

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An add-on that scans Wikipedia and lets users bring up a Google Maps map for links that reference pages with coordinates attached to them.

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Put great meetings at your fingertips.
Start an Action while on a Google doc to seamlessly take notes and manage tasks side by side.

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a basic add-on

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Call.Me Screen Capture

Extension to enable screen capturing from Call.Me (https://www.call.me)

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keygen music play button

Just click to play awesome 8-bit chiptune music.

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Rate the web as you go! Webville lets you rate any content while browsing and displays the community's ratings.

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