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Copy My Titles

Copy the URL and title of your Tabs easy and with a one click

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Fork of Shaun Inman 'CSS Selectors as Fragment Identifiers' implementation

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Tired of accidentally closing tabs
Don't be! Use Ctrl-Z to restore the latest closed tabs.

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Notifies you when you're tabbed on deviantART chat.

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Replace the deezer favicon with a dynamic one, showing the song progress as a pie chart

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Defaults for Picasa Web Album

"Defaults for Picasa Web Album" is an extension to customaize the standard state of the display screen of Picasa Web Albums photos.
With this extension, you will avoid having to change the status manually each time.

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Delays blacklisted sites from loading immediately, to combat impulsive internet addiction behavior!

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depannage informatique

depannage informatique a distances dans toute la france

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Derpy.me Link Shortener

Shorten links with derp, Beta

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DeskSMS - Send and Receive Text Messages

The DeskSMS Android/iPhone application lets you send and receive text messages via Gmail, Gtalk, the web, Firefox and Chrome extensions from your own phone number!

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Det Kongelige Bibliotek - fjernadgang

Højreklik på et link for at åbne det via fjernadgang på Det Kongelige Bibliotek
Right click a link to access it via the The Royal Library remote access proxy

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Developer Center

Developer Center help developer to visit develop resource conveniently. such as Tutorials,API Reference,etc.

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Have Fun with the wonderful articles.

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Digital Clock Fire Fox Extension-7

Add-on for display the current time, date and day of the week like seven-segment clock faces. Attention! Please download and install our digital font for original appearance: http://www.styleseven.com/data/digital-7_mono.ttf

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Disable HTTP Referer at Startup

Disable Send HTTP Referer at Startup everytime.

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Discount Helper

1. Search up to 99% discount products.
2. Simple and advanced Discount Helper search option.
3. Share links to friend option. ** New **
4. Changing share icons style. ** New **
5. Changing share icons Angle of opening. ** New **

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Dodaj Link - mylinkmemory.com

Zainstaluj dodatek pozwalający dodać link jednym kliknięciem, bez konieczności przekopiowywania linku ręcznie.

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Don't Be Evil

Packages the bookmarklet from http://focusontheuser.org/ into an add-on, so that the changes are automatically applied to all Google search result pages.

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Dota-Trade Advanced

Extension that automatically check and show desktop notification if there is new messages on http://dota-trade.com/ site.

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