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IP2Location IP Geolocation Plugin

Geolocation lookup for a website based on IP address, uses database provided by ip2location.com.

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This plugin shows the PeerIndex of a person next to twitter screennames on web pages and in twitter streams. Hover over the PeerIndex rank and you'll see a hover card with further details about the twitterer

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vk social site helper

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Automobus Toolbar 1.0

Automobus toolbar extension.

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With TabCorral you can save, retrieve, share, and organize groups of tabs (called Corrals). Thumbnails provide views of tabs within a Corral for previewing. Corrals can be shared publicly and privately.

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ImgFlex Remote Upload

Remote upload and resize with one right click on image!

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bug641599 No Restart

Workaround Bug 641599 Layer is not cleaned after image resizing with Ctrl+,
Bug 641599 was fixed on cedar and trunk(12-Apr-2011 JST)

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bug631374(tags list should scroll into view)

Workaround bug631374 the tags list scrolls the tag out of view.
This was fixed in Firefox6.0a1(11-May-2011).
And this also fix bug 658179 .

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21 users

DNS Chroming

Accelere les DNS de la navigation comme chrome.

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802 users

Zoo button

Zoo button

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Fireballed No Restart

Adds a Fireballed? link to the DaringFireball.net linked list

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Lendable for Amazon Kindle No Restart

Clearly display if an Amazon Kindle book is lendable or not.

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Download in tab

Przycisk pokazujący managera pobierania w karcie przeglądarki.

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bug385615 (Workaround font-size of :first-letter ) No Restart

Workaround Bug 639744 and Bug 385615 font-size of :first-letter used to erroneously width

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53 users

Google Web History On/Off

Turn on/off Google's search history personalization when signed out.

Stop Google from tracking every of your steps and get unpersonalized results within all Google websites.

Available in English and German.

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Lightweight add-on which adds to right-click menu 3 items allowing to close current tab, open a new one and reopen closed one. Right-click anywhere on site instead of using keyboard or finding buttons.

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cmd No Restart

Quick command execution for Firefox 4.

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16 users

Ozgameshop Price Checker

As one of Australia's cheapest video game retailers, we're always keen to remind you just how much money you can save by purchasing your games from us.

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6 users

Sitebar Client for Firefox 4.0.x

A SiteBar client that looks like a sidebar.
This version is for the 4.0.x series of Firefox.

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106 users

Twitter Remove Non-Followers

Remove Twitter friends who don't follow you back. Click the "Remove marked users" button at the bottom of the list to activate.

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