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Jolome News

Jolome News, toutes les actualités sur le Bénin, l'Afrique et le Monde

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Словарь синонимовъ RU Requires Restart

Adds to browser Russian(RU) synonyms dictionary from package LibreOffice.

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Mail.BG Mail Checker/Notifier Requires Restart

Listens for new messages in your Mail.BG mailbox.

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215 users

Rádio Sap

Ouça enquanto navega no Facebook ou Twitter

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See the history and backing projections of your favorite Kickstarter campaigns without ever having to leave their project page.

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Google™ Plus Notifier

Google™ Plus is a place to connect with friends and family while you browse internet

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4、与Evernote、google task等多个产品同步。
5、IOS、Android、WEB、PC、OS X,多设备同步必须的。

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A small add-on for looking up definitions of words.

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Scientific Calculator Plus

Scientific Calculator provides basic and advanced mathematical functions useful for school or college

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RotoGrinders Basketball Reference

This extension from RotoGrinders.com adds Daily Fantasy score columns to the Per Game and Per 36 Minutes stat tables on basketball-reference.com. Currently supports scoring for FanDuel, DraftStreet, DraftKings, and StarStreet.

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V2 Screen Capturing in Firefox

Firefox extension to enable screen capturing

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View on reddit

View the current URL on reddit.com

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שעות פתיחה Requires Restart

תוסף רשמי של אתר שעות פתיחה. אתר המרכז שעות פתיחה של כל המוסדות הציבוריים ועסקים מובילים בישראל וכן נותן אינפורמציה נוספת כמו מספרי טלפון, מספרי פקס, כתובות, דרכי הגעה ועוד.

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Укоротитель ссылок от S3S.SO

Укоротитель ссылок от сервиса S3S.SO позволяет мгновенно сокращать длинные ссылки.

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deviantART topbar fix

This extension Replaces the new, ugly dA logo and favicon with the old one and reverts the topbar colors to the lighter gradient version.
Source code: https://github.com/Nidrax/deviantArt-fix

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Rewrite HTTP Headers (JSON) Requires Restart

A light-weight (pseudo) rules-engine to easily modify HTTP headers in either direction

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The unofficial Allymstery.de extension.

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Pick a directory with XPI source files. Zips it up, turns it into XPI, and install it to Firefox. Access by navigating to "about:xpiler".

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Throbber Restored

Restores the activity indicator, also known as throbber, to Australis. Can use default images from FF28 or load your own.

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pick up words and list them later

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