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Flexi eBooks

Search and find your favorite books, audio books and e-books.
- Discover and preview new titles.
- Listen to audio books.
- Create virtual bookshelves for your books.
- See what your friends are reading.
A fun way to find great books!

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qoda Dashboard

Sets qoda as new tab page

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e-Password Wallet

e-Password Wallet for http://www.labour.mp.gov.in/

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Short Link

The Add-on makes long url's much shorter; merely choose Short Link in the Contex Menu of any necessary object (page or simple hyperlink).

Created by: Maxim Varenikov aka Matthew
Destination: Smolensk, Russia.

Skype Matthew__87

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Fügt der ebay Webseite einen weiteren Button hinzu, dieser enthält Informationen über abgegebene Kommentare auf der Kommentar.io Webseite und die durchschnittliche Gesamtbewertung des Artikels.

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iinView Lead Tracker Plug-in for UAT Environment

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Diarios anónimos: Clarín y La Nación

Evita tener que registrarte para leer los diarios Clarín y La Nación.

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Show External IP

Detects and shows your current external IP address in a convenient panel.

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Screensharing for Coviu

Share your screen, and collaborate in real time within your Coviu sessions.

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Google CDN replace for Chinese


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Disable about:config Requires Restart

Disable about:config feature of Firefox and Thunderbird.

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Sexcontact Markt

Datingwebsite add-on Sexcontactmarkt.nl

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TextItEasy: Share the web

Comparte cualquier recurso web de tu ordenador a tu móvil y/o redes sociales favoritas.

Share any web resource from your computer to your mobile device or your favourites social networks.

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IceLink WebRTC Screen Capture

This extension allows WebRTC connections to use the screen as a video source.

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Used car buying off Craigslist helps research car quickly

Shows Consumer Reviews, Reliability info, Estimated Price of the car listed on Craigslist, eBay, Yahoo Autos, Cars.com, AutoTrader, aol, vehix, freebo and Kijiji (US). Its for anyone shopping for a used car.

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Supporte kostenlos Deinen Lieblings(internet)menschen mit Brezl!

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Right Click - about:permissions

A lightweight addon which opens 'about:permissions' (i.e Permissions Manager) in new tab on selecting 'Open about:permissions' from right click menu.

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Screen-sharing extension for neuronimbusmail

Screen sharing

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Australis Small Icons - Revived

A fixed version of the original "Australis Small Icons" plugin for Firefox 40 and above. Fixes the issue with the huge navigation bar icons after version 39. Makes navigation and tabs toolbar buttons smaller to save space.

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Sindec no Firefox Requires Restart

Este complemento torna a página do Sistema Nacional de Informações de Defesa do Consumidor - Sindec de vários estados compatível com o navegador Mozilla Firefox, independente do sistema operacional.

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