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Easily share content directly from Firefox to your social media profiles

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Paste2.org No Restart

Download plain text file from Paste2.org

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Desktop Download Folder

Set Desktop as your default download folder.

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Coupns Australia No Restart

Get instant access to hundreds of coupons whilst you shop! Simply browse your favourite Australian online shopping sites as normal. The Coupns extension will let you know when we find any active coupons for the store you're visiting.

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GalaxyEyesPhotonDragon (IF3150-ITB) No Restart

a basic adblock add-on

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wwwfnoadv(IF3250-ITB) No Restart

Add-on yang berguna untuk menghilangkan iklan sesuai list user. user bisa menambahkan dan mengurangi list iklan sesuai kebutuhan.

WWF team :
1. Ahmad Fauzan
2. Muhammad Wachid Kusuma
3. Whilda Chaq

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Bulk Downloader (Awards, Conference, Member)

OpenWater (Awards, Conference, Member) Bulk Downloader

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Firefox Tab Mod

An Extension to undo the Australis' Curvy Tabs & replace it with sleek new geometrically simpler rectangular tabs (for Fire-folks with left-cerebral-laterizations).

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Oakton Crew Amazon Affiliate Program No Restart

Makes it easy and seamless for you to shop on Amazon.com whilst benefiting Oakton Crew. After installing, look for the Oakton logo in the add-on toolbar and click on it to go shopping. It's that easy!

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LightLinky Firefox Addon No Restart

This add-on send messages from a Firefox browser to a device with LightLinky app installed. More info at http://www.lightlinky.com

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InCloak.com No Restart

Small button for InCloak.com. Your anonymity, security and freedom in the Internet!

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Enter.Ru Кнопка No Restart

Удобная кнопка для быстрого доступа к основным разделам сайта Enter.Ru.

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Pons Context Search

An extension for enabling pons.de context search

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This extension, combined with the iOS Prowl app, will enable you to quickly send URL's to your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch in a single click!

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Ru-board WhosOnline

Расширение создано на основе скрипта от Waldem за что ему огромное спасибо, подсвечивает пользователей которые в данный момент находятся на форуме RU-Board, работает только в том случае если вы прошли авторизацию.

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Новости Lenta.ru

Читайте Lenta.ru ̶ будьте в курсе всех новостей!

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Новости РБК

Читайте ленту РБК ̶ лучшие деловые новости.

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РИА Новости Лента

Лента РИА Новости ̶ информация от крупнейшего информагенства.

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Российская газета Новости

Российская газета Новости

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gPass No Restart

gPass is a self hosting password manager for Firefox

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