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Ser or Estar - That is the question

Highlights every form of the Spanish verbs "ser" or "estar" in any webpage and lets you see its conjugation.

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Blausen It Requires Restart

Blausen It scans websites for medical/scientific terms, and allows the user to view relevant animations, illustrations, and models.

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sniggle.me partner programs Requires Restart

Automatically redirects affiliate URLs to add sniggle.me's affiliate codes.

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Show Website Verifier Requires Restart

Show the identity verifier of a secure website on the URI location bar.

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Amazon Referral Support Requires Restart

Easily save Amazon Portals to support your favorite podcasts or communities with Amazon Portals available. Allows you to easily select who you would like to support with any Amazon purchase. Load portal, Search Amazon, Reload current product page

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SmokingSection Requires Restart

This is the official SmokingSection extension for Firefox. This add-on is for providing Honest e-cigarette reviews and ratings for the best e-cig brands on the market.

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Citace PRO Requires Restart

Slouží pro vytvoření a uložení citace. Po kliknutí na tlačítko v liště se v textu stránky vyhledají všechna ISBN a DOI a zobrazí se u nich ikona Uložit do Citace PRO. Po kliknutí na ikonu se automaticky vytvoří citace a záznam se uloží do Citace PRO.

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すぐにカート Y!ショッピング Requires Restart




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Msg91 Requires Restart

Add on use to send sms using msg91.com account from Firefox.

User wish to send sms using this addon please register to https://msg91.com/

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Center SVG Lite Requires Restart

A strip down version of Tobias Markus' Center SVG. (No options)

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Shim Storage

Implements a shim localStorage/sessionStorage for pages that depends on them to load.

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myfastfreebie Requires Restart

It will search the particular Keyword on http://myfastfreebies.com site

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Advanced Frame Designer Requires Restart

A tool to design frames directly in the web page. The integrated color picker supports also harmonic colors. Operating notes see the tooltips.

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OMG! Ubuntu! Firefox Notifier

The official OMG! Ubuntu! Firefox add-on.

Stay up to date with the latest Ubuntu news and developments.

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Gutscheinraupe.de - Gutscheinfinder

Mit dem Gutscheinfinder von Gutscheinraupe.de verpassen Sie keinen Gutschein mehr. Beim Aufruf eines Shops zu dem bereits ein Gutschein oder eine Aktion in unserer Datenbank vorhanden ist, erhalten Sie eine Benachrichtigung im Browser.

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Pikabu Dark Theme

Темная тема для сайта Pikabu.ru

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Hacker News: Mark All Read

Save time on Hacker News (http://news.ycombinator.com/) by marking read the titles and comments you already scanned. And more.

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Vidya Revolution Live Status Requires Restart

Checks whether or not the stream is live every 30 seconds.

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★VITcom Requires Restart

Complemento diseñado para la inserción rápida de comentarios en los registros de llamadas, casos y presupuestos del Sistema de Soporte VIT. .::eArmas@vit.gob.ve::.

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IRboost Requires Restart

Boost your Internet speed.

This add-on helps you increase your Internet speed by removing extra http information in the packet and some other connection and caching tricks.

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