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Random Southpark Episode

If You Love Southpark, Then You'll Love This Add-on. Every Time You Click On The Southpark Town Sign At The Bottom Right Of The Screen, A Randomly Picked Episode Will Open Up In A New Tab, So Not To Disturb Your Work On Another Tab.

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18 users

InlineDisposition Reloaded

InlineDisposition Reloaded changes the disposition type of "Content-Disposition" response headers from "attachment" and "file" to "inline"

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319 users

Wikimedia Input Tools

Wikimedia Input Tools allows you to type in your native language from among 60+ languages.

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222 users

Image Sorter

an add-on sorting images on the current web page.

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ClearSearch Requires Restart

Adds option in Privacy settings to auto-clear the Searchbox. (Option disabled by default)
Adding this option in privacy setting will allow users to decide whether the user wants to clear the text on search or not from search bar.

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Google I'm Feeling Lucky search for Firefox Awesome Bar(address bar).
Why this add-on is needed is described here - http://enzam.wordpress.com/2011/09/04/how-to-fast-search-in-firefox/

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Usuwacz reklam z portalu jelonka.com

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General Crawler Requires Restart

The plug-in from the General Downloader software package which serves for supplement of the file database of the General-Files.org project by informing our crawlers that the given webpage contains links to file sharing sites.

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45 users

Linksert Add-on for Firefox

Shorten links, share them and earn a commission every time someone buys a product using them. Generate monetized affiliate links in an instant!

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easyMath (aka Insert Symbol) Requires Restart

Displays additional characters used in math

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260 users

Quick Google Access

A quick access to Google

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Telebroad Click2Call


Telebroad Click2Call streamlines business communications by offering a quick and easy Webdialer that creates clickable links of any phone number posted on any Web page.

Copyright © 2013 www.Telebroad.com. All rights reserved.

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12 users

Customizable startpage by Domostra homepage Requires Restart

Create your own browser startpage. Many widgets, links and other useful features to save your time.

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44 users

JBar for Firefox

用 JBar 讓您工作呷尬飽飽飽!

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Spell it on phone

This Add-On will help you to spell out an email, name or address over the phone;
German / English / French spelling icluded

Api is used from http://spellout.org

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4 users

Youtube Video Downloader (Multiformat)

Free download Youtube videos in Multiformat by savefrom.net

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744 users

Rgraphics - Image Uploader Requires Restart

Uploader dla hostingu zdjęć by ramf95.

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Powerplay Manager Enhanced

Powerplay Manager Enhanced. A Firefox extension to make it easier to manage your team(s) on PowerPlay Manager.

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Host Pic.Org

This addon enhances image uploading, hosting & sharing interface provided by www.hostpic.org. Irrespective of signed up as a member or not, you can use all features of this addon. Check more detailed description & screenshots of this addon below

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Lionstone ActFox: ActTrader Firefox Addon Requires Restart

Онлайн-котировки forex, управление торговым счетом из браузера.

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4 users